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    12/5 - MBB vs U(sic)GA

    Flat out awful basketball on both sides, very hard to watch game. Uga is not a good team. But Tech never shoots, plays well there.
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    12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    Thing is Tech was in control the whole game. It got close a few times but they always responded
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    Bowl Projections & Rumors

    The bc and bowling green losses sting right about now
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    Jamal Haynes: 999 yards from scrimmage

    Haynes is a tough as nails runner, hope he stays out his scholarship. Would be hard to replace especially without Dontae
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    ACC Standings

    Not sure ncst is that good, they’ve had a good run of late and as long as they keep beating unc all is well.
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    Shout out to Dontae Smith

    Damn good one, baller
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    Postgame: UGA 31-GT 23

    Haynes King played his guts out. Absolutely nothing but respect for the kid. Proud to have him and hope he loves it here. I do wish Peyton could have gotten in the end zone when I he came in. If we play like we did last night we are a 9 win team.
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    Postgame: UGA 31-GT 23

    No way we should be losing games that we have this year and past couple. Tonight showed we can play with just about anyone.
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    Cincinnati game

    I do a skyline trip one time usually when I get there to flush my system, that’s all I can do. It’s their version of varsity food.
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    Cincinnati game

    Cincinnati is a fun place. Easy to get around and lots to do to kill time. If you can get to their (uc) football stadium it’s usually open to the public. I’ve went there a few times and done laps on the field. Second what everyone else has said. My wife is from there, it’s comical to hear them...
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    Conference Realignment

    Good for NC State. I’m sure they loved sticking it to uncheat.
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    LGO!! GO JACKETS!!!!!!!
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    Conference Realignment

    No matter what ranking you find Fsu <Uf Uga< GT IIWII
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    Conference Realignment