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GTSwarm.com Georgia Tech Forum Rules

We would like to try to keep the community rules to a minimum as we want GTSwarm.com to become a great place for Georgia Tech fans to come discuss all topics related to Georgia Tech and its athletics teams. However, as passionate fans, we must also realize that discussions can get heated and turn ugly in a hurry. As a matter of keeping this site an open yet civilized place for all Georgia Tech fans, we have the following rules:

No Personal Attacks.
Do not post personal attacks on other members, our former or current players, recruits, as well as the GT administrative and coaching staff. There are ways to disagree with someone or an idea but still be civil about it in public discourse. We are not like other fans that like to bark at each other. For a better definition of personal attacks, please see ad hominem and no personal attacks.

Any member who is intentionally obnoxious, abusive, disruptive, repetitive, spammy, or "trolling" implied or not may be sent a warning as a reminder, discouraged, or even be banned without warning at the discretion of a moderator. These rules may be changed at any time without notice. However, if you have any feedback about the community rules or ways to improve the site in general please post here.

Ultimately, the moderators are the judges so please respect their requests when you are told that you have stepped out of line.

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