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  • yellajacket20:
    He's been coaching for 12 years. And no one thinks that Thacker is anywhere as good as Venebles
  • Tech93:
    Great run lol
  • GoJacketsInRaleigh:
    I like our staff though. I think we will be good no later than 2022. Probably next year.
  • g0lftime:
    At what point did we run out of money?
  • Dottie1145 Dottie1145:
    @GoJackets1 he doesn’t. He makes $1.6 mil less than CGC per year...
  • TechPreacher TechPreacher:
  • CuseJacket CuseJacket:
    yea, Clemson's OC has been better than ours for a while, based on results... far better at X's and O's... is that the right interpretation based on the bashing of our own offense today?
  • BleedGoldNWhite21 BleedGoldNWhite21:
    I mean Dabo probably wanted to send a message to some of these media personalities saying Tech was going to be an ACC powerhouse in 3 years. I really don’t care what Dabo does the same way I never I cared that Spurrier ran up scores. It’s the defenses job to stop
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  • GTRanj2:
    We used to do this to alcorn state
  • yellojello yellojello:
    Probably a bit early to be starting But this was embarrassing
  • bwelbo bwelbo:
    Miami only had 6 more offensive yards than we did.
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  • slugboy slugboy:
    Clemson was blitzing on the last series.
  • GTRanj2:
    Lol Clemson had scrubs in they weren't sending a message. We just need allot of work on both lines. It is what it is
  • GTRanj2:
    On to the next game
  • Dottie1145 Dottie1145:
    Who we losing to next?
  • GTBandit22 GTBandit22:
    Dabo had the FG kick and the late td from Lawrence against Miami. He thinks he’s untouchable, but somebody may get dirty with him in the future if he keeps it up
  • TechPreacher TechPreacher:
    I didn't like him last year. Nothing has changed.
  • TooTall TooTall:
    Yard work time. See yall next week
  • tsrich tsrich:
    Wow, just tuned back in after running some errand during the 3rd quarter. Ouch! Hope this type of game doesn't impact recruiting.
  • charles:
    Bring back the Triple Option
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  • g0lftime:
    He was still passing and could have just run it out. It was like a scrimmage for his back ups to get some time. Just disappointed our starters couldn't even hang with their 3rd string. Tired I guess and not much to play for at that point. Their guys were fresh and hungry to play.
  • g0lftime:
    I hope some of my sarcastic humor didn't rub some of you the wrong way today. I am totally bummed by this loss.
  • charles:
    What makes everbody so sure that this offense will take us to the next level?
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