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Have you heard anything from GTAA, i.e., other the basic announcement, about Veterans Recognition Night at the Syracuse game on the 18th?

Asked Derrick Deeds at the UNC FB game if he knew of anything & he just shook his head "No."

Hope all is well again your part of South Georgia.

We're doing fine for old folks in North Alabama.


Charley Cheney
I talked to a rep at GTAA today who said that the Heroes Day was to recognize veterans and first responders on 18 November. They had no idea we called our program Heroes Day as well. He thought the the tickets were to be given today to Atlanta ROTC units and police and fire fighter support groups for further distributions.
Just a heads up. Ice Eater may be one of our "elder statesmen" around GT Swarm. He may struggle with a keyboard. It's been that way with some of his replies for a long time.