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  1. Best Georgia Tech Trucking plays??

    Great video. It was a shame that Chris Griffin got hurt and had to quit playing he was in alot of the clips too.
  2. Russell Contract

    same size shirt too.
  3. What would it take for you to be satisfied

    Just win baby. I would love to have a top ten team every year. Right now I would settle for a WHOLE lots less GT shooting themselves in the foot. Mostly missed blocks and not wrapping up on tackles. Plus fans holler to throw more but a case of the drops doesn't help. Next year may be a struggle...
  4. Pittsburgh Postgame

    Just kill me now. No need to see people on TV pushing their heads up their asses. See that enough all around.
  5. Pittsburgh Postgame

    Did only 2 DTs get in the game today? I am now wanting to know if we burned Adams shirt or if there is some kind of 3 game thing going to keep said shirt intact? Would really like to have seen at least Glanton make it in to play. If he did play i missed it. Just seemed soft and slow on the D...
  6. Miami Postgame

    Tech is good enough to play the game close. Tech is not good enough to make big mistakes and win. Multiple fumbles kills teams. I saw three. 2 for TDs the wrong way and 1 Tech got back on. Could see some improvement on O. D played OK. It is hard to have a decent passing game when you have to...
  7. Execution

    My thinking is that the 14 team had more guys playing who had 4 or 5 years in Tech football program. Which also means they were more 21 or 22 or 23 year olds. Getting older means a good deal. More muscle, better knowledge of the system and more maturity. Think Tech will be fine.
  8. Replay Study: GT Offense vs Clemson

    I think MLD is a far better reciever blocker than his blocking is better than 2 other ABs. Just what i think. I absolutely agree that the power run game needs to start games just to give confidence and wear away at the defense of the opposition.
  9. Film Room Film Room: GT Defense vs. BC Offense Series 1

    So my question is this. If you move Adams and Glanton into the D. tackles would you move Gamble to the outside just to beef it up some with who on the other end?
  10. Film Study Film Study - GT Offense vs BC Defense.

    hope that one makes it to the ACC offices. cannot have that ****te
  11. Freshmen that played today?

    Braun on the PAT.
  12. Notre Dame - 1/13

    The difference in the last two games. Shots going in. Seems if the three point shot is not falling at a absurd percentage Tech will not have a chance. Sometimes you have to make the inside shots to get the outside going better. Inside game working good outside opens up some. Did not watch game...
  13. CPJ Wednesday Practice Audio

    He also said EJoe could play guard too.
  14. Film Study Film Study - Offense vs ND

    Not sure if this was all BVG. Read that ND hired or designated a specialist with the 3O to study up on how to stop it. ND had been planning for this game for awhile. Nice to get the respect. Kind of makes you wonder about the turd they almost laid at UVA was looking ahead to GT. Ain't heard that...
  15. Refs Horrible

    Don't know if it is a blue print. But with how well it played out it is going to be tried again. I am sure there is a counter to it. I am not quite savvy enough to figure one out. Hopefully CPJ will take care of it. Oh yeah. It is never as good or as bad as it seems. Hopefully it really is not...