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    Clarifying Linebackers

    This is going to be unpopular...but I dont see it. I cant imagine him stonewalling fullbacks consistently, filling gaps, or fighting off guards and blowing plays up.
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    Discipline and Suspensions in GA High Schools

    Disciplinary action in public schools are WAAAAAAY different than they were even 5/10 years ago. It's one of the reasons I got out of education.
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    Discipline and Suspensions in GA High Schools

    Yeah, took nearly the exact words from me.
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    When you KNEW you hated UGag

    Well hello fellow alum. I graduated from North Atlanta in 1998. What year did you come out? I had family members that went to Northside.
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    When you KNEW you hated UGag

    In honor of HATE WEEK, share your story about when you knew you HATED that school in Athens (aside from your birthright)... here's mine I always knew I had a love for GT. I grew up in East ATL and went to school in Buckhead. My school bus would pass GT every day for 13 years; so I knew that...
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    It’s Yates Time...period

    Last night solidified to me what the staff believes they have in JG...Yates time will come, but not just yet.
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    It’s Yates Time...period

    All I know is that as a coach, if I have players that are similar in ability, but are separated by age, I try and find the best balance to give as much playing time to the younger kid without destroying his confidence; allow him/her to learn by taking some lumps, but still putting that kid and...
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    It’s Yates Time...period

    Trust and believe a lot of posters here want that to be the final feather in the cap to CPJ...And oh yeah as CPJ always said, "they all come highly recommended"...or something like that.
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    It’s Yates Time...period

    You guys do realize the EXACT SAME THING was being said about James Graham earlier this season? I'm a coach and have been in a similar situation and can assure you that the coaches have done what they feel is best for not only now, but also what best for the long term health of the program. If...
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    Playing Time for Jordan Yates

    I am convinced that people just want to find a reason to hate on this people need to realize that the #2 at ANY POSITION is ONE PLAY AWAY FROM PLAYING....Get over it; Paul "Ain't Walking Through That Door"
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    Nate Cottrell...just a question, nothing bad

    Nothing against Nate, but TWO college coaching staffs have watched him everyday and both have come to the conclusion that his role in the offense should be limited to what it has been. Great kid to have around the program but at this point it is what it is. Let It Go!
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    Graham’s Game Day Observations

    No way Collins is going to feel some heat anytime soon. We have a basketball coach who is still talking about Josh Okogee and has that program on probation...and he still has a job
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    Offensive Gameplan

    Graham directly stated that he was waaaaay more focused on being a student in the spring than being an athlete. There’s an interview that was posted here a while back where stated this. This, and the fact he earned one of those coveted single digits, is why I’ve always felt that he’ll likely...
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    Brad was the main guy and fielded most of them but Juanyeh did field some.