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    God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    About Sims, as a coach I’ve had the pleasure of coaching a couple of really bad teams. Trust me if the ones that’s behind him haven’t been on the field then it’s an absolute reason. Also, do you really believe that a coach that was on their last leg would not put another qb in the game if he...
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    Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    So does this mean that the powers that be will start taking football more serious?
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    Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    Art Briles was ran out of Grambling within weeks (may not have even been weeks, literally) of joining their staff. Whatever he did or didn’t do would have you guys running him off even faster than the alums at Grambling did.
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    Clemson 41 - GT 10

    Oh I didn’t forget about that. Just chose not the to keep burying the guy…even though my post did kinda bury him 🤷🏿
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    Clemson 41 - GT 10

    #81 probably had the worst game I’ve ever seen a tight end have. He was directly the cause of 1) Sims arm getting hit, leading to the pick, 2) dropping a key 3rd down conversion 3) That first blocked punt, and a host of other terrible mistakes that put us behind the 8-ball. If he and our Right...
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    QB and OC debate

    He was just 6’5” 250. Trust me he was not a runner. His claim to fame was his big arm.
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    QB and OC debate

    Cardale was nowhere near a running QB. I swear some of you guys just be saying stuff.
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    Pitt is favored

    I must have missed the game that some of you guys were watching because the stuff that was “iffy” was just that, “iffy”, meaning it could have gone either way. And typically the team that’s dominant is going to get the benefit of the doubt. But like I stated earlier if Tech had won by 4 TDs then...
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    Pitt is favored

    If Tech were up by 4 TDs then your opinion would be completely different. He’s giving Pitt more love because they have been dominant. He was right on several penalty calls and his opinion about some of the coaching decisions were spot on. In fact he probably said some stuff that most people were...
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    Pitt is favored

    Roddy is doing why he’s getting paid to do, which is be an objective color commentator regardless of where he graduated from. If you want to have a gripe then it should be with the preparedness of this team to play Pitt today. Leave Roddy out of this.
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    Clarifying Linebackers

    This is going to be unpopular...but I dont see it. I cant imagine him stonewalling fullbacks consistently, filling gaps, or fighting off guards and blowing plays up.
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    Discipline and Suspensions in GA High Schools

    Disciplinary action in public schools are WAAAAAAY different than they were even 5/10 years ago. It's one of the reasons I got out of education.
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    Discipline and Suspensions in GA High Schools

    Yeah, took nearly the exact words from me.
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    When you KNEW you hated UGag

    Well hello fellow alum. I graduated from North Atlanta in 1998. What year did you come out? I had family members that went to Northside.