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  1. BC ATL

    Is Clayton hurt or is he still contributing?
  2. Collins’ salary 56th among FBS coaches USA Today Report

    True to a certain extent - But you at least need to be competitive with your peers and not pay out the least in your own conference. We are so far behind I don't know if we can even get back to average for a P5 school.
  3. GT - 05-07 West Virginia Mountaineer comparison

    Didn't they beat Clemson by a million in a bowl game over that time period too???
  4. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Choice was in his ear after missing a block on 1st or 2nd down - probably in Choices dog house for the last 2 plays
  5. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    A young Bobby Ross led team found themselves about this point in the season which sprung the unbelievable 1990 National Championship run
  6. Keys to stay competitive in game vs Clemson

    I hope they start Yates as he has earned it and the offense seems to run smoother with him right now. Not sure if Sims will be fully recovered anyway
  7. Defensive Line

    Lew Caralla is not a scrub and is highly regarded- Coaching im sure is the main culprit for the poor performance last night but I will not rewatch this debacle agsin
  8. Defensive Line

    The D line concerns me the most. I Know they were packing it in with 8 personnel but not to have any sacks or many hurries is terrible with this level opponent. And then to let their running back to light us up like he did is unacceptable. To those that watched closely, were we missing gaps and...
  9. Starting QB speculation

    Didn't Boise start a true freshman at FSU last year in the first game - That turned out pretty well
  10. JP MASON!!!!

    It looked like he just had the wind knocked out of him - should be ok with a bye week coming
  11. ACC Discussion 2019

    Big 12 I believe
  12. Ogletree Wins US Amateur Championship

    So I know the local rag could care less about us but we just had a player win the freakin US Amateur and no write-up about it? Sad
  13. NCAA Golf

    We don't make things easy on ourselves but it looks like we will advance with a last Par by CSU. Hopefully we put all together for the Championship
  14. NCAA Golf

    This is going to be a nail biter tomorrow - Hope we can start fast and keep climbing all the way to the end
  15. Kirby on CGC

    If we start challenging them year in and out I wonder if the sentiment will stay the same