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    Expectations for the 2021 season

    Assuming everyone actually gets back to real practice, I really hope almost everyone outside Athens are better this year. Makes for a more enjoyable college football season.
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    Name and Likeness Law Signed by Kemp

    i don't understand why the NCAA's argument on anti-trust isn't related to the title IX requirements. The government tells schools they must spend money on a bunch of stuff that can't come close to supporting itself. If football and basketball players want to get paid, get rid of the boat anchors...
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    SI Story on Pitch Doctoring and Foreign Substances in MLB

    Just follow the rules. Someone please let me know when it will be illegal for an offensive lineman to hold.
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    Here's a COVID thread for you

    My 30 something daughter is fully Pfizer vaccinated and tested positive. Definitely has it. Lost sense of smell Sat. Husband negative (also full vaccine). Binax at-home test showed positive and then confirmed by doc office. 2 very young children including a nursing baby - her doc and the...
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    Graduation Success Rates

    When did they have a soul? I went to GT in the 70s and it was long gone by then if they ever had one.
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    2015 Warmest Year on Record

    Rising CO2 doesn’t cause famines. It increases plant (aka food) growth - greenhouses are literally made to grow plants. Not saying where plants grow couldn’t adjust, or human population may overgrow the ability to feed itself.
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    Costco or Sam’s

    Hot dog at Sam’s was great until about 2 years ago and you could only get a Pepsi fountain drink with it.
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    Here's a COVID thread for you

    Of course we will need boosters. The vial will labeled German for “cash flow”
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    Welcome back! If you don’t have a church home, come visit us at First Baptist downtown Newnan.
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    Costco or Sam’s

    Sam’s has more SKUs. Sam’s can check store availability online and do store pickup. Plus members get in early every day. Sam’s has ability to scan your items in-store on your phone, pay and skip the lines. I am members at all three: Costco (regular), Sams (plus), and BJs (premium). I buy gas...
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    Walker Kessler leaving UNC?

    at least bagmen aren’t relevant to the discussion on this one.
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    Funny Stuff

    If I work for a company and do the same job, and have the same competitors as someone else: expect the same grade and pay range. The women do not have the same competitors. It just isn’t the same job. That’s like saying the class A, AA, AAA baseball players and major leagues should pay the same...
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    Where does this year's coaching by Pastner rank in GT history?

    The 1990 team barely lost to a Cheating school in the final 4. UNLV should have been vacated completely, and deserved the death penalty. Our team was so good, we could have approached the game like it was “first to 100” wins and smoked folks. Considering all the crap this year, I have to give...
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    Favorite Commercials of all Time

    Mean Joe Green downing a Coke in one breath. Every kid I knew tried to be able to do it, and I managed to as a teenager. That ad hit a lot positives and is still one of the top SB ads of all time.
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    Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Agree it makes sense, but not going to happen. CBS has the Masters the weekend after the final 4.