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    Potential Head Coach Hires

    If he is just listening to the big money donors and hires KW and it blows up in his face, it will be him and the donors having the stadium all to themselves. I with the state of the fan base, if this doesn't work, we're going to go from 48000 or whatever the attendance was to about half that
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    680 has a breaking announcement coming up

    A couple of things to think about with this rumor. 1)The person that supposedly sat next to KW's wife just happens to be good enough friends with chernoff and Fenerin and text them both 2) why would KW's wife not be sitting with KW? 3) why would she just randomly tell someone that information...
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    680 has a breaking announcement coming up

    Just said a breaking announcement regarding Georgia Tech coach has been offered the job. After this commercial break. Who knows
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    Potential Head Coach Hires

    Pretty sure I remember most people being upset that he left. I think I remember be a pretty good recruiter. Been a while though
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    Potential Head Coach Hires

    Just an FYI.... GT ties that are on the Charger Staff. Eric Henderson Gif Smith
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    Potential Head Coach Hires

    I was on here reading the daily doom and gloom that is Georgia Tech athletics and almost threw my phone at the TV. As many sucky days as we've had lately and seems like it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
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    Did you go to a Tech home game this year.

    Alcorn, Duke, Clemson and Miami
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    UGA Postgame Discussion

    We are getting killed in strength and conditions. We aren't as big, strong and fast as the mutts at any position. It was blatantly obvious today. We actually look tiny vs every P5 team that we play. I think our S&C coaches spend more time on themselves than they do our athletes. Time for an...
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    Bowl game (what bowl and who do you want)

    Nah..... as usual their stadium was empty today. They only show up in Atlanta.
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    Senior Appreciation Thank you TaQuon

    He's a good kid too. He is good friends with one of my daughters. That being said, it blows my mind at some of the stuff people send to these kids on a daily basis and attacking them. He screenshots some of the stuff and sends to her. You have a kid out there giving it every thing that they have...
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    Which bourbon is best paired with a GT win over UM?

    1)Blantons 2)Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Just got home from the game. Blantons it is.
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    Blue. Pants.

    I assume most of the constant complainers about everything Georgia Tech does have never attended any other school sports. If you had, you'd realize that GT sports other than Football have been wearing blue probably more than 1/2 the time. As long as the uniforms gave the interlocking GT on them...