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In case anyone is wondering, Clemson beat Mimai by 1 on the road and 8 at home 2 games after our game with miami.

So there was some reason to think this was possible. I see no reason to believe Miami will beat us tomorrow.
I love Laranega he’s a great coach but we’re gonna beat those dudes by 10+.


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Don't want to be dismissive of a team that just grinded out 2 straight wins in a knockout tournament - with a lot of adversity faced this year. Miami has been playing well and they will be up for the challenge tomorrow, we cant go in thinking it will be a breeze. I think in the 2nd half once their tired legs kick in, we will need to keep our foot on the gas and pull away.

I think Pastner is 0-3 in ACC Tournament games IIRC, hopefully we reverse course and go 3-0.


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I just find it funny that teams throw out covid pauses and it's just sort of accepted.

Like FSU went on a covid pause and beat UVA by 20 in the second game back, after winning big in game 1.

We went on a covid pause and crushed Clemson on the first game back.

It's like coaching plays a part in that.

While we point to the lead up to our first two games as reasons why they should be excused some, I think everyone agrees that it was a coaching matter that led to that rather than just "covid pause don't look at it". An understandable decision, in my opinion, but still a coaching decision.

Now some places have legit arguments like they know 6 of their players had covid and were hit pretty hard.
I understand the point of view but I think you're oversimplifying. Some teams go on pause and players can't hit the gym for 2 weeks. That is wildly different than a subset of the team practicing and getting shots up. Then there's a factor of whether the team can practice ahead of their first game. And whether a team is facing injuries at the same time. All variables are not equal and certainly the team's response to coaching is another thing.

To be sure, I said at the time and still believe we are better than VT regardless.


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We’re feeling it right now though. No way in hell we lose this game. Coming off 2 monster announcements POY and DPOY, we’ve been confined to our bubble, chemistry and unity at an all time high. I feel sorry for Miami tomorrow, we’re gonna come out gangbusters. LFG
Has it been announced that Jose is 100% for the game? I'm seeing posts with so much optimism, that can only be true if everyone is healthy.


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Short bench Miami on no rest. I'll take it.

This is what we wanted. Now we need to execute!

Seriously, how much ****ing fun is it watching all these teams for days beat the **** out of each other while we sip cold beer and simply wait our turn?
It's great, it's been a long time. Much nicer not having to play the 1st 2 days. Loving the double bye.


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Was pulling for Miami. We play better against them and they're gassed after two games and a short bench.
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