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  1. Roof Out as DC

    Merry Christmas!!
  2. Jay Jones Transferring

    Shocker.. More to come. Always is
  3. Well we made the front page of TMZ

    and we wonder why they can't win on the field....SMH.. selfish kids these days.
  4. Hate Week!

    hearing reports of a fire at the UGA library. No one injured but did destroy 5-600 books. Sad thing is, 3-400 weren't even colored in yet..
  5. UGA preparation

    You did hear about the fire at the UGA library right? Destroyed about 5-600 books. Sad thing is, 3-400 wasn't even colored in yet.................... :)
  6. MJ Hanging up the cleats

    He will still be in school until June, so he may be there.
  7. MJ Hanging up the cleats

    Awesome. Will do. Thanks for sharing!
  8. UGA preparation

    haha.. my inside info is gone. Gut feeling it's gonna be a close game.
  9. UGA preparation

    GT 24 - UGA 23
  10. MJ Hanging up the cleats

    10/4 will do. Thanks.
  11. Miami Postgame

    So we need to shorten the game to 3 qtrs so the D isn’t worn down?
  12. Miami Postgame

  13. Miami Postgame

    I blame both. The O went flat and the D didn’t adjust
  14. Miami Postgame

    I couldn’t agree more. This is on Roof and the D. Zero adjustments. Same thing with AU. They blew a 20 point lead bc they made no adjustments. Sad that this seems to be the norm and not the exception
  15. Best debut ever?

    Not at all. If anything, It will make him work harder for it.