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    Jackets vs. LSU 12/11, 6PM

    Devoe isn't a for-sure ACC caliber starter? The guy averaging 22+ ppg this year and 15 last year, ACCT MVP?
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    OK, #BCvsGT Postgame. BC wins 41-30

    so frustrating....all of it
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    Non-player rumor from UF

    Who was the last HC at a P5 school to leave and be a coordinator somewhere else? Not happening.
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    #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    You make your own luck. Whatever BS you're saying can be played both ways. Should have beaten Duke, should have beaten UNC. We stomped the majority of the conference and thoroughly outplayed ugag. Came within a whisker of beating playoff bound FSU and would have ran Miss State out of the stadium...
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    Triple Option

    Agree on most fronts, and I know this doesn't matter anymore and we moved past it BUT: I don't care if CPJ left a 5 year transition, we should NEVER lose to the Citadel and we should NEVER lose to NIU at home no matter what. This has been an issue with Collins as a HC, his teams not showing up...
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    #PittvsGT Postgame

    Moving Gibbs to WR is insane. He runs hard as s*** through tackles, not his fault we have a swiss cheese OL. Every handoff he breaks and shakes a few guys before three more come and swallow him up, idk how that's his fault. Gibbs runs just as hard as Mason that's for sure, and Smith is a special...
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    #PittvsGT Postgame

    Stat above all stats: Jordan Mason: 2 carries, 2 yards Jahmyr Gibbs: 10 carries, -10 yards Wake up, Key!!!!
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    Jordan Yates

    Because he made throws Yates simply can't and made plays with his legs that Yates can't. Yates does an admirable job keeping the ball in our possession, but we very rarely take any shots whatsoever down field and we call a much safer game. Many more hitches, slants, swing passes that make Yates'...
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    Things you would like to say to CGC

    Are you kidding me? Chords is such a great piece of the game. The piped in music is BS. Come on ADTS!!!
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    Georgia State vs Bobby Dodd Stadium

    GSU isn't even too far off. Excellent basketball program and football is rising- not great, but they're a consistent bowl team now.
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    Ahmarean brown has entered the transfer portal

    I think Lincoln Riley is the architect behind the Oklahoma offense, not Shane
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    Your First GT QB

    Tevin was 21 TDs, 15 INTs for his career and JeT was 40 TDs 18 INTs. I know TD/INT is not the end-all be-all for quarterback play, but JeT essentially had double TDs that Tevin did with a similar number in INTs and I think the disparity is pretty significant. JeT accounted for about 4,800 yards...
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    Your First GT QB

    Lol yes, that's kinda how I remember Tevin. Couldn't throw at all, and not very fast or shifty. How could he have been any good? IIRC he was a maestro of the option and was great at getting the ball where it needed to be, no matter how it got there.
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    Your First GT QB

    Justin Thomas was miles ahead of Tevin. Tevin was definitely a really good QB and fairly underrated, but I put JeT, Nesbitt, and Goose all ahead of him.
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    Your First GT QB

    Technically Ball, but really Nesbitt. I mimicked that tight rope he did down the sideline against VT in 09 so many times in the backyard.