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    Game Thread - @ Pitt, 2/8/2020

    Maybe Devo shouldn't start
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    Is GT keeping up with the ever changing landscape of college football?

    wev werent keeping up with the old regime imo. we are now.
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    Yellow Jackets 2020 Class

    my concern is ..... we need a danbo sweeney approach. can cgc be a danbo / ceo or is he going to be loyal to a fault and keep coaches we need to let go of like cpj did? we need the ceo approach. not the old timey loyalist approach these days
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    So on to NCSU ...

    i heard that they all submitted loi after seeing jose do 9.
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    So on to NCSU ...

    i solved connell62. i put him on ignore the day he became as uk fan over gt. so im not the only one who had to deal with unsavory. i love it when i do right things right.
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    So on to NCSU ...

    with bobby is was all about chemistry and putting his players in position to make plays they are capable of making.
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    So on to NCSU ...

    More cole less bubba
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    Nate Cottrell...just a question, nothing bad

    i hear that supersize played with as leather helmet and it was the correct shade of gold
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    Coaching Carousel 5 - You have to look through the rain to see the rainbow

    as much as ive been unhappy i hold out that by some miracle of fate it all falls in place for the team and for cjp. i dont dislike him at all. i love all the kids n share in their success. we have a good bunch imo. coach is the youngest coach in the acc by 3-4 years at least. here is what...
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    Coaching Carousel 5 - You have to look through the rain to see the rainbow

    given our location and product i see no reason we cant be a top caliber program minus the cheating. now if your saying the being blue blood involves cheating then i agree with you. id rather run a clean program.
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    Game Thread - @ Louisville,1/22

    bottom line progress. as in wins an losses. at some point pointing to moral victories again and again and again rings bit hollow. other program successes have already been mentioned in a previous post that im not going to rehash. so why them and not us? we are in the top conf in the...
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    Game Thread - @ Louisville,1/22

    im still watching. still pulling. still hoping. still doing some bitching. but im here. go jackets
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    Game Thread - @ Louisville,1/22

    any fist fights yet? watching a few of you duke it out has to be better than what we are seeing on the court and from smiling sam our laughing coach. to the players credit. they played their asses off. hats off to them. i wish i had an answer but i dont. than again i dont make 2 mil a year.
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    Acc releasing schedule today

    what is bds heyday. the biggest crowd ever? images??????