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    Poll: What do you hope to see next season?

    What we hope for may be entirely different from what we expect, based the last three seasons.
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    2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    This is my beef with Adidas/GTAA on merch. The stuff worn by coaches and SAs should be available to retail customers. Period. Make it a premium line, but make it available. I'm an Adidas customer (mostly golf togs), so I was pleased when they became our provider, but I'm not overwhelmed by...
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Hatred, no. Anger? You betcha. In my career I’ve had to deal with damage caused by a slickster with a good line of BS and little ability to execute. That’s just business, just life. But when I see the same thing happen to MY team and MY alma mater, it’s not business, it’s personal. And...
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Yep. GT alums spread out all over the country, if not the entire globe. The Dwags have to stay in GA as a condition of their paroles or work release programs.
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    The SAs deserve our admiration and respect. They are not responsible for their inept leaders. But if ‘rally round the team’ means marching in lockstep to the ticket window for each and every game, I don’t agree. My trips to BDS mean flying from TX, hotel, etc. If I do that, I want to see a...
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    Oaks, I’m not suggesting a boycott, just expressing my own opinion. I’d love to be tailgating with other Tech fans every home game weekend, but we all deserve better than what we’ve gotten from Collins.
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    I’m glad I don’t live close enough to Atl for season tickets. Buying them is as much a vote of confidence as anything else, and I have no confidence in Geoff Collins’ ability to turn the thing around.
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    How to Build an Efficient Offense Quickly

    What amazed me about CPJ was he could see & adjust to what the D was doing from the sideline. The more football I watch, the better I appreciate CPJ’s expertise.
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    Game Day Plans or Not Watching at All?

    Golf for me, if the course dries up from todays downpour
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    Future GT Football Season Slogans

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    It's fine

    This reminds me of Kevin Bacon’s character in the parade sequence at the end of ‘Animal House’. I hope you’re right Techfan, but I kinda doubt it.
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    CFP Discussion

    That quote is the perfect reason why I'm skeptical about CGC. Brands do not win championships. Championship caliber play establishes your brand.
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    Fire Geoff Collins

    I’m afraid CGC is our football equivalent of Paul Hewitt. Style and salesmanship, but can’t coach the substance. At lest Collins doesn’t have an evergreen contract.
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    Corner turned?

    I’m still stunned by what I saw tonight. Sims and the NC turnovers were the difference. Are these really the same guys who lost to NIU?
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    Seriously....who else we gonna beat?

    I'm thinkin' we beat Dook and win one other game somewhere along the way; another 3-win season. But any close game where clock management is important will not go our way. This has been a CGC weakness since day one.