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What is this thing about Waffle House?

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by GTRambler, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Animal02

    Animal02 Helluva Engineer

    Waffle House doesn't franchise. (n)
  2. 684Bee

    684Bee Helluva Engineer

    Good work. You’ve successfully rained on every parade on here.
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  3. Animal02

    Animal02 Helluva Engineer

    Posting facts is now raining on parades? :rolleyes:. I would comment further regarding your post but do not want to violate the TOS.
  4. 684Bee

    684Bee Helluva Engineer

    So you’re little smart *** emoji was just “posting facts”, huh?
  5. Animal02

    Animal02 Helluva Engineer

    It was not a smart *** emoji.
  6. Techster

    Techster Helluva Engineer

    Just change up the design and call it Waffle Cabin.

    Like Mcdowell's in Coming to America.
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  7. 684Bee

    684Bee Helluva Engineer

    Ok. I’ll admit. I’m no expert on emojis. If I took it the wrong way, I’ll accept that.
  8. Animal02

    Animal02 Helluva Engineer

  9. CuseJacket

    CuseJacket Administrator Staff Member

  10. iceeater1969

    iceeater1969 Helluva Engineer

    Way to go!
    For give me I drove past a waffle house in Beaux Bridge Lousiana to eat crawfish ( in season).
    Will hold 3 meeting at waffle house w NEW Pensacola high football coach and key members of football booster club
    20190210_133046.jpg .
  11. Animal02

    Animal02 Helluva Engineer

    Did you suck the heads?
  12. Em_Jae20

    Em_Jae20 Helluva Engineer

  13. GTpdm

    GTpdm Helluva Engineer

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  14. Cam

    Cam Helluva Engineer

    That's a pretty funny piece. Alternates between "GT is irrelevant and always will be" and "GT is a major threat to our footprint in the state." The author can't really make up his mind. If Smart or his players even attempt to make any kind of social media grab for Waffle House, it's going to come off pretty awkwardly as petty imitation. The whole Waffle House thing has been pretty clever by Collins; it's having the desired effect of tying him to a Georgia (and generally Southern) institution and endearing him to fans and players.
  15. THWG

    THWG Helluva Engineer

    I think it's pretty funny that he mentions Tech only has two 10 win seasons in the last decade, but we still have the more recent national title.
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  16. Ash

    Ash Helluva Engineer

    He also leaved out the CEO of Waffle House is a GT alum. That alone would go a long way to explaining the GT connection.

    Honestly the whole thing came off like a child whining when he sees something another kid had and decided he wanted it. The dawgs have Ford trucks locked down, just be happy with that and move on.
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  17. Jacket05

    Jacket05 Ramblin' Wreck

    Yeah he pretty much says it is more related to Tech in the article.
    I love how he says they have a large presence in Athens as if that is the reason it should be associated with ugag. according to the waffle house website there are 7 locations with an Athens address and over 24 with an Atlanta address. Those are locations where the address is specifically Athens, GA or Atlanta, GA and if I spread it out to include the nearby areas around Athens and around Atlanta the percent difference would be even larger! To his final point in the quote, Georgia Tech is also in Georgia so that is moot, but thanks for also pointing out that it is an Atlanta staple and not an Athens staple again!
  18. SiliconJacket

    SiliconJacket Georgia Tech Fan

    There's a much bigger Tech connection at Waffle House than that 'author' bothered to check. I don't care what this put on the official Waffle House history page, the colors were a nod to Tech by the son of the founder who came in and made the company what it is.

    [edit: I don't know why its putting this big space here]

    There was a talk put on a few years ago about it:

    Since 1955, Waffle House has been on the list of favorite restaurants for Georgia Tech students and alumni. And not surprising, the formula for the success of the company is built on great Tech alumni leadership including Joe Rogers (IM '68) Bert Thornton (IM '68), Walt Ehmer (IE '89) and many others. Join Walt, current CEO of Waffle House, as he discusses the rich history behind the Georgia Tech/Waffle House connection and how the Tech network led to great opportunities, both professionally and personally. Joining Walt will be a number of Tech alumni Waffle House executives and get networking advice from the CEO of America's number one diner.

    And yes, Bert's Chili was created by Bert Thornton:
  19. TooTall

    TooTall Helluva Engineer

    I can hear their reactions....but but we almost beat Alabama twice. We didnt really care about playing texas so we didnt try.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  20. Bogey404

    Bogey404 Helluva Engineer

    What do you expect from a Skeptic?

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