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uGA fans suck

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Gtech24, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Sideways

    Sideways Helluva Engineer

  2. Sideways

    Sideways Helluva Engineer

    Those are your daughters in the avatar picture I presume? Very pretty young ladies with a daddy that has them pointed in the right direction.
  3. Jerry the Jacket

    Jerry the Jacket Helluva Engineer

    You should have beaten the living hell out of him. Leave him in a hospital bed watching the Rose Bowl on a little black and white TV. Don't take any crap off of any of those aholes.

    Go Jackets!
  4. Adadu

    Adadu Helluva Engineer

  5. Buzzzard

    Buzzzard Jolly Good Fellow

    Calling a Tech fan a nerd is like the race card being launched in politics (or city of Atlanta). Those two words only appear when they've already lost the argument. I pay attention to neither.
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  6. Nate Anderson

    Nate Anderson Ramblin' Wreck

  7. GT Man

    GT Man Helluva Engineer

    Never wrestle with a pig. You'll both get dirty, and the pig will enjoy it.
  8. GTJake

    GTJake Helluva Engineer

    Sideways ... yes my two daughters, the pic is a bit dated they are now 25 and 20, sheesh time flies !!
  9. buzzthriller90

    buzzthriller90 Georgia Tech Fan

    Just a question...why do we always include the GA game in the three-game package?? As a long-time season ticket holder, I cringe every time we play GA at home and it is a sea of red in the entire stadium. Nothing better than feeling like a visitor in your own stadium (n). We can't expect respect when we can't even sell out our own stadium against against our most hated rival (remember Clean Hold-Fashion Hate?). I am a die-hard fan, but this has always been a tough pill to swallow, as I am sure it is for A LOT of folks. I look forward to your feedback on this one. Should be interesting...
  10. Madison Grant

    Madison Grant Helluva Engineer

    A Stank Dawg asked me today if I was going to root for them against Oklahoma. I said, "Sorry, nope, nope. My blood runs gold."
  11. MikeJackets1967

    MikeJackets1967 Helluva Engineer

  12. Jacketman1

    Jacketman1 Helluva Engineer

    Not sure what that is, but I think you mean "Clean, Old Fashioned Hate". I'm just being picky;) But really, this year, what did you expect? A top 10 team against their rival, a 5-5 team, and the top 10 team has a much larger fan base than the 5-5 team. Really the only thing we can do about it is beat UGAg at home. We haven't done that since 99. The fair weather fan only wants to see us win, which we haven't done at BDS since last century. Heck, I wasn't even alive! If we beat them at home a time or two, I can see us having more fans to make it more 50-50.
  13. augustabuzz

    augustabuzz Helluva Engineer

    Tech fans would never say, "uGA fans suck". We don't engage in that vernacular. We would say, "georgie fans inhale vigorously, thereby creating a vacuum!" ;)
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  14. GT_05

    GT_05 Helluva Engineer

    This is the first year that I purchased season tickets and my first COFH. My wife went to every game with me this year but she refused to go to COFH because she heard how arrogant and detestable the UGAg fans are. I was able to confirm her suspicions when I got home.

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  15. DvilleJacket

    DvilleJacket Helluva Engineer

    I got a pretty good story about how nasty uga fans can be. I went to the 92 game against them in Athens. I'm in a wheelchair and was able to park really close to the stadium. When me and my dad got out of our vehicle we were given the stink eye since we had Tech gear on. When we got back to the truck our antenna had been ripped off. Thankfully the tires weren't slashed.
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  16. Buzzzard

    Buzzzard Jolly Good Fellow

    UGA is one of the most entitled fanbases I've ever encountered. They have the desire and expectation of winning. This is frustrating as a Tech fan but sweet on the few occasions we are able to get a win in any sport. Sadly, I don't get that feeling very often.
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  17. tmhunter52

    tmhunter52 Helluva Engineer

    Went to a viewing party for the UGA - OU game tonight. Had to laugh at the drunk UGA fans yelling at the TV to "ice" the OU kicker...
  18. coldbeer

    coldbeer Helluva Engineer

    Because we want/need to sell more overall tix. We wouldn't sell as many three-game packages, if we didn't include the UGA game.

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  19. steebu

    steebu Helluva Engineer

    Well, this game really sucked. And if you think our posts on "Fire Ted Roof" were bad, some of the Sooner forums are in full meltdown mode with getting rid of Mike Stoops.
  20. Whiskey_Clear

    Whiskey_Clear Banned

    Our fanbase can’t tolerate this kind of uga success in the face of our own mediocrity this year. In the 80s half the fanbase went into hiding for a decade. Hopefully we are on more sturdy footing now.

    It will be interesting to see what are ticket sales look like for 18.
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