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The Search Reloaded

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Basketball' started by dtm1997, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. GTNavyNuke

    GTNavyNuke Helluva Engineer Featured Member

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  2. GTHomer

    GTHomer Helluva Engineer

    Any ideas on his rumored staff? Any holdovers from the current staff?
  3. Peacone36

    Peacone36 ACCBasketballReport.com Contributing Writer




    Ok. I'll......try.
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  4. YlJacket

    YlJacket Helluva Engineer

    OK let's stipulate that Pastner would bring in a couple of talented kids. Do you really think that Pastner could get GT to even middle of the ACC? His track record is talented teams that don't live up to that level of talent. Sounds to me like a recipe to get chewed up in the ACC by coaches who will out scheme him all day long with similar talent. I don't see him as having any staying power. What are you seeing that I must be missing? Please talk me off the ledge as I am going to go be a full time UVA fan with this otherwise (other degree)
  5. RamblinCharger

    RamblinCharger Helluva Engineer

    Well, now that I've slept on it, I will give the guy a chance, and I will gladly eat crow if he turns the program around, but I think we have another Paul Hewitt on our hands, maybe slightly better but I doubt it.
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  6. kg01

    kg01 Get-Bak! Coach Featured Member

    Nope, Paul Hewitt actually accomplished something independent of Calipari's recruits.
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  7. orientalnc

    orientalnc Helluva Engineer

    Shaq Goodwin was a Pastner recruit that we recruited. And a damn good 4 year guy.
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  8. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 We Suck

    Well that's embarrassing. He's better than Cuonzo in my book but not by much.
  9. ramblinwreck1378

    ramblinwreck1378 Helluva Engineer

    Dude won 31 games 4 years removed from Calipari..
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  10. kg01

    kg01 Get-Bak! Coach Featured Member

    How far did he advance in the tourney that year? Had to be Sweet 16 at least, right?
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  11. kg01

    kg01 Get-Bak! Coach Featured Member

    I didn't articulate my point fully. I'm saying Pastner never accomplished anything really at MEM. He certainly recruited "stars" but it didn't translate to real success.
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  12. franklinjacket

    franklinjacket Ramblin' Wreck

    A lot of people cite his recruiting as a positive. Signing guys up isn't what I'm worried about. It's the ability to keep guys on the team. His roster churn the last couple years has to put him around the top for number of players transferring out.
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  13. croberts

    croberts Helluva Engineer

    I am all in. I trust our leadership and look forward to moving forward. Now I said the same thing when we hired a national coach of the year to replace Bobby Ross (Bill ------) . Was told his name can't be stated on swarm. On the other hand, I stated the same thing when we hired a young Bobby Cremins. With this hire, I am sure of two things: he will not be another Cremins and he won't be another L----!
  14. SteamWhistle

    SteamWhistle Helluva Engineer

    I like this hire as long as he continues to Recruit on the same level or higher, Make sure we pick up a good assistant coach for Xs and Os and this could turn out great for us.

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  15. LargeFO

    LargeFO Helluva Engineer

    Blindly trusting leadership is a dangerous endeavor.
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  16. deeeznutz

    deeeznutz Helluva Engineer

    I am ok with this hire (if it's true, who knows anymore). At least he is a step up from Gregory, and if (assuming we've learned from our mistakes) we don't have a big buyout he can stabilize the team and get us out from under the Hewitt buyout. I'll think positive for now...maybe his time at Memphis was just a learning experience, like Belicheck with the Browns, and he'll blow up at Tech.
  17. ramblinwreck1378

    ramblinwreck1378 Helluva Engineer

    No, but winning 31 games isn't accomplishing nothing, as you insinuated in your previous post. You losing one game in March doesn't totally negate everything positive you did throughout the season.
  18. Blumpkin Souffle

    Blumpkin Souffle Bidly Biddington III

    Coffee is for closers, which he doesn't drink
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  19. lv20gt

    lv20gt Helluva Engineer

    Further than our last coach ever did.
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  20. gtfan088

    gtfan088 Jolly Good Fellow

    Gregory had been to the 2nd round at Dayton. Same as Pastner at Memphis. Gregory wasn't missed by the Dayton fan base, and all indications are Pastner won't be missed by Memphis.

    I'll give the guy a chance (because as a fan, there aren't many other options) but on the surface there's not a lot to like. Having so many players unhappy and transferring out seems like a bad sign.
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