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Ramblin' Wreck
I don't really post on this side of the board, but read it fairly regularly... Wasn't there some observation about the sum of total wins of the football and basketball team being a constant? Something like 22 wins between them? If that is true, GT Bball better have a pretty good year. :)


Ramblin' Wreck
Did he say anything else? Developmental stuff??
Most of it was normal “Coach” talk. He praised Usher. Said he is our best player. Said he plays with an extremely high motor. He is willing to play Parham, Devoe, and Alvarado at the same time because he is going to put his five best players on the court. He talked about how difficult our schedule is this year, especially without Usher in the first semester. He said we scheduled difficult road games because he believes it will help our resume on selection Sunday if we are a bubble team.


Helluva Engineer
The injuries to Moses and DeVoe are worrying. There was thought DeVoe never fully recovered from his injury last year. To have a chance to dance we really need to not stub our toe in the early season like last year and times before. Not a ton of room for error


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RamblinWreck has updated heights/weights for the upcoming season. Most of the guys have grown some. Banks is now 6-10, 250; Cole is now 6-10; Sjolund is 6-8, 213; and Wright is 230 lbs. (hence the 30 lbs more since his frosh year).

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