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Alcorn State Postgame Discussion

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by CuseJacket, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    I understand wanting to see him play but it was the first game ( Not that it will happen and hope it doesn't) but what in one gets injured late in the season and has to play in 4 other games . Wouldn't it have been great if Nesbitt would have been redshirted his first year. ( did it really help to him play in 2007 ? honest question
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  2. MidtownJacket

    MidtownJacket Helluva Engineer

    Plus, it sounds like the benefit Graham brings is for the running game. It’s not like TQM needed help running the ball.

    We got time to clean up and tighten both sides of the game.

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  3. GT_05

    GT_05 Helluva Engineer

    I can’t find the full video, only the highlights. I was at the game. The only good passing that I remember was from LJ. Did Tobias have any success throwing? Graham didn’t play, did he?

    I saw Tobias’ high school stats and it looks like he may have thrown quite a bit, even more than Graham.



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  4. lv20gt

    lv20gt Helluva Engineer

    The thing is he would only have to play if both TM and TO get hurt. If just one gets hurt he can dress but not play without burning a game. Furthermore if that situation happens and Graham would have to play more than 4 games the point is moot because the shirt would be burned anyways. Less than 4 and he can keep the shirt regardless That situation is only really relevant in such a narrow circumstance where there would be exactly 4 games needed, that it isn't worth sacrificing experience for.

    Now if TM was a junior, or something I'd agree, but considering we should expect a QB battle for next year, an actual battle for a first time starter rather than a token one for a returning starter, the experience is more beneficial than the slight chance at saving the redshirt in a case that almost certainly won't happen.
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  5. tech_wreck47

    tech_wreck47 Helluva Engineer

    Something else I noticed and might have been discussed already, we didn’t blitz or do many stunts. I’m assuming we didn’t need to against Alcorn, so no need to show what you got. I expect once we start doing more stunts and blitz we will see an increase of havoc plays.
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  6. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 We Suck

    Anyone notice he apparently only has kickoff duty at Bama?
  7. Boomergump

    Boomergump Moderator Staff Member

    While I do agree our passing game yesterday was a clown show at times, don't get too discouraged. For one thing, in my best recollection, we didn't throw off of play action. Pretty much every attempt was a straight drop. Perhaps it was good for us to practice those game situations where everybody knows we are passing. However, we were not seeing the typical way we go about the passing game. There were not a ton of true option plays in the run game and no play action passes that looked like toss sweeps or option run plays at the snap. Therefore, I do not see yesterday as a predictor of doom. Sadly, yesterday was no indicator of growth in the passing game either. We have normally struggled airing it out without the deception of play action.

    I liked the defensive effort and schematic plan. We hustled and took good angles. There were too many missed tackles for my taste but, in general, a solid day. From the upper north, our secondary looks like our biggest ever. It's kind of weird. We are generally small in the front 7 but large behind them. The speed and athleticism looked good, but I want to see it against better teams before drawing too many conclusions. Just like on offense, this was a pretty vanilla game plan for an odd front defense.
  8. SouthernJacket

    SouthernJacket Ramblin' Wreck

    Rewatching the game tonight. Biggest thing that’s caught my eye and started watching him on every down, Jahaziel has got to play better at center.
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  9. Eastman

    Eastman Helluva Engineer

    More conclusions are drawn on this board (both negative and positive) than are warranted. I don't know about ya'll but if App State can take Penn State to overtime then they will certainly not win any more games this year, right?

    There is still reason for cautious optimism for the new defense (I did want more sacks). As pointed out by others it appeared the offense could have run up the score just by running it down their throat.

    In reality we made some errors (good to see the issues this week and not when the game is on the line) and that will give CPJ the ability to curb optimism and some specific things to work on. It will require more time to really know if we should be good this year and even then there are too many variables to be sure.
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  10. Northeast Stinger

    Northeast Stinger Helluva Engineer

    Excited about the changes in the defense.

    But next week will show whether or not we can be excited about the season.
  11. alagold

    alagold Helluva Engineer

    yep, a key is getting Cooper back, send Lee to tackle, Morgan just is not good enough, put Marshall there
  12. cincyjacket

    cincyjacket Georgia Tech Fan

    Admittedly I'm not blocking guru, but one play he completely let the nose tackle through to block in the secondary. The untouched NT proceeded to destroy Marshall. I have to assume this was a tragic error. I can't imagine the play is to let him through to blow up the backfield. Can anyone else offer any insight? It always seems strange to me when the O-line ignores the D-line in front of them to go block at the next level (the linebackers), because it almost always results in a tackle for loss.
  13. Unk T

    Unk T Jolly Good Fellow


    Lynch was actually getting the ball his Sophomore year. The problem isn't with Lynch.
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  14. Skeptic

    Skeptic Helluva Engineer

    He was the one with his hair on fire.
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