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  • Is it ok to post GT tix for sale? If so, under the football forum or general topics?

    Hey Boomer, curious if I can make a post linking to a post I wrote for a friend’s blog about the 2018 season? I’m new to msg boards in general, don’t want to cross some line of etiquette.
    Hi, Boom. Is there any way I can change my username as I'm an idiot who for some reason used their real name as a user name in an online, public forum? I find myself not posting as much as I would if I had a veil of online anonymity to hide behind to unleash my pro-GT anti-UGA opinion.
    Good poingts of our lack of a DL......seems to me that one day we could get some big uns to stop the run.....that day aint come have a good one my friend.
    Hey Boomer what do you thinik.......can we win another game or are we toast......disappointment is not the word I use this year......still not fan of offense UNLESS we have guys to run it but man we cant stop a granmother in a wheelchair.......wondered where you went .....take care.
    For some reason......I cannot post a new thread today......says I don't have permission.
    my name MUST be 'Amy Then' but now every body see hit here any way so now every body knows a bad thing be cause your name is not probly boomergump and mh name is aMY Stultz and what ever am i going to do and should i post this her i do not know but it iis important i think and jjmen have been bad and not to read this and for you to help is my wish please hurry
    can you help me for i wrote my real name for every body to se be cause i misunderstand and now every body see it i would not like this
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