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    Who are here on the swarm are sidewalk fans?

    Started pulling for GT in the late 80's in a household of NC State and UNC fans. Even now I'm still the only Tech fan most of my friends know.
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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Makes me feel a lot better about post #98. Thank you sir
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    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Is this a big concern? I know any player can flip, was just curious if there was any inside info on her maybe being poached.
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    Rate: Strength Coach Lew Caralla

    If you're talking about the punt return against VT, you aren't kidding. The sideline erupted
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    RIP Demaryius Thomas

    What about that is negative? I'm pretty certain it's about the memory of DT.
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    Lorela Cubaj Cubaj ranked 18. Good seeing her get more recognition.
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    Have we filled all of our coaching vacancies yet?

    He will be their Director of Recruiting-Evaluations
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    Tobias Oliver Engaged to Matti McKissock

    Good luck to them both. I was wondering if she would end up at Florida because her younger sister plays for the Gators
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    Griffin is NOT now in the portal

    IIRC, he was originally committed to NC State, but I'm not sure what their backfield situation currently looks like.
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    GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    Curious as to why you think so
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    The RB Rotation Delimma

    I'm really hoping Griffin sticks around
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    To answer the question in your signature, it was Technut1990

    To answer the question in your signature, it was Technut1990
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    ACC office may leave Greensboro

    Exactly. Saying Bo's isn't cutting it didn't make a lot of sense to me