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    Flying in from Europe for this one.
  2. O-line vs VT

    Oliver will get a lot of well deserved press, but watching our O-line last night was a thing of beauty. I don’t recall ever seeing so many DL driven into the dirt. Whatever they tweaked in the scheme absolutely worked. Fantastic job by the big guys up front.
  3. Article about Harrison Butker's high school kicking program

    Gracey that they mention is a GT legacy. His father David was a 1990 IE grad and a big football fan. He was recruited here but I think they wanted him as a PWO. It's a shame we couldn't get him.
  4. Recruiting relationships

    I doubt we offer many kids without first talking a good bit with their HS coaching staffs to find out about their character and work ethic. And I know from talking to our HS coaches that they often try to bring kids to the attention of college coaches. Especially with kids that are not big time...
  5. Recruiting relationships

    It seems like much of the long term recruiting success is about the relationships built between HS coaching staffs and the GT staff. So how does a situation like C'Bo's recruitment effect that relationship between staffs going forward? Any of our HS coaches or insiders have an opinion?
  6. What the . . .

    I like this one better
  7. State of program

    Everybody wants to dump on Roof and the D. They are not the big problem. Our offense this year is BAD. Go look how many second half points we have scored, especially in our losses. Look at the absolutely horrible field position they keep dumping on our D. Roof and the D aren't amazing but they...
  8. Special Teams

    Kickoff receiving is not the problem. Kickoff team is getting us killed consistently.
  9. Special Teams

    The only phase that is causing massive issues this year is the kickoff team. Who coaches that unit?
  10. Special Teams

    Who coaches our Special Teams? Very few programs have a specialized ST coach. It's almost always done by a position coach. So which one of our coaches is responsible for coaching the product we're seeing this year?
  11. BjS- am I wrong. He has never played .. Can u say player

    According to PJ's radio show last night, the DE's are picked by Pelton based on how they grade out. There's a lot more to it than just how many sacks they get.
  12. WF 7:30pm ESPNU for Homecoming

    Where and how much is face value? Thanks
  13. Still have the tix available for the Wake game? How much are you asking?

    Still have the tix available for the Wake game? How much are you asking?
  14. BDS Attendance

    Tech would do well to reach out to the student bodies at both Emory and GCSU. Neither has a football team and a student package could draw a fair number of fans we couldn't get otherwise. When my daughter toured GCSU, the student center ran regular ticket deals for Braves games that included...
  15. Dedrick Mills dismissed...

    He's not smoking that crap by himself. Let's see who else is in trouble for "violation of team rules". How stupid are these guys? Mills has set himself on a course to be digging graves again instead of having a shot with the League. Good on PJ for enforcing the rules evenly and setting a clear...