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    If a change is made...

    If Collins pulls 5-6 wins out of the hat this year, it should not save his job at GT. Those wins could go on his resume so he can grift the next school that hires him.
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    Kind of Offtopic - Do You Wish Bobby Dodd Stadium was flipped?

    For years now I have been sitting in the West, looking at empty Gold seats. In the last couple of years the upper East has been empty or full of opposing team colors. I don't know the answer, but there has to be a better way to handle that.
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    Deion/ GT having discussion?

    I have never watched a Primetime coached game. How is he on gameday? Can he manage timeouts better than Collins?
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    Clemson 41 - GT 10

    Not all of it. The play calling was uneven, but better than the vanilla script I have been watching for 3 seasons. I feel like adjustments were made, something that was hardly the case under the previous OC.
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    Official Craft Beer of GT Athletics

    You will blend in with the rest of the locals easily.
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    How hot will CGCs seat be if GT is shutout Monday?

    That would be the most likely way things unfold when you are a double digit underdog.
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    I have a gut feeling.

    I don't know if I share your optimism, but it should would be great if the things under our control clicked into place. If that happens, it remains to be seen how we stack up against a tough schedule but I would feel much better about the future. The last 3 years have been dismal, a large part...
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    CBK Says the O-line

    I remember seeing Clem DLinemen just leap over our OL, landing in the backfield right in front of the mesh or in the middle of the pitch. There was nothing we could do.
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    2022 Spring Game

    Last year after attending the Spring game I decided I didn't need to go back to another one for awhile. II didn't care for the OvD format instead of 2 teams playing each other, but I forgot about the loud music being played the whole time. Couldn't chat with my buddy about what we were seeing...
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    I have been preparing myself mentally for the inevidable for a few years now. I don't care that the team wins, it's the barking unwashed masses of fans I have had to prepare myself to deal with. Some of them work for me, and I have to remain professional.
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    Collins/Thacker Defensive Scheme Question

    Unfortunately...I think he has. It's not been enough to overcome the systemic issues we have on D.
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    GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    How is his playcalling? That was the first gripe with CDP on my list.
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    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Looks like Collins is getting the roster turnover he claims he needed to install his scheme.
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    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    I spent a good part of Saturady morning in a parking lot with a beer in my hand, wondering how I could make it clear that my showing up to watch the game was out of support for the players and not the coaching staff.
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    Being "10 points away"

    Offensively, all we would have had to do was extend a drive or two, or put the ball in the endzone when inside the 20 to get your 10 points. I lost count of how many times we stalled aout when we needed a score to shift momentum or take control of a game. We were constantly losing field...