The good, the bad, and the ugly...


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yeah. i have to say one thing though. I didn't see Golden making many I know you think he didn't play good, but actually i think he played relatively sound scheme wise. He may have missed a tackle or 2, like anyone does, but i think he played his keys well.

The most disappointing thing on this D is EXACTLY what you said. The three players who played the worst were seniors and one 3 year junior (gotsis, nealy, johnson). Although Johnson, may be getting a bad rap. He had that one bad play, but actually I think played well the rest of the game. But Gotsis and Nealy didn't have good games.
Yeah, my thing on Golden was when he went one on one vs the Wofford runningback and whiffed and the back scored. I thought IJ was playing fast and aggressive and was in position most of the day (sans the big gaff).

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The Tech defensive line was completely owned by the Wofford offensive line. OWNED. If we were talking about Clemson, that would be one thing. This is Wofford!


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yeah i hope so...but the reality is some basic things he didn't do I hope its a wake up call.

I think it will be, and we will learn from these mistakes.

Coach always says that teams make the most improvement between weeks 1 and 2. Hopefully that will be the case for us.


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JT has much better pocket awareness and is much more elusive than Vad. He also uses his escapeability to keep the play alive, always keeping his eyes downfield. He's a better thrower on the run than Vad, too.

Haha, did you quote me and reply with a nearly identical thought?



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For what it's worth, both Golden and Nealy fielded questions during the post-game press conference. Nealy and Golden both walked into that room recognizing that it wasn't their best game and neither seemed thrilled to have to talk about it publicly immediately after the game ended.

Nealy has shown he's more than capable in the past. Golden is coming back after not playing for almost a full year. I'm holding off on making sweeping conclusions after 1 game. Same goes for some of the positives i.e., is JT the savior in the passing game? Too soon to tell.


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not sure if due to the latter or more because he wanted to stud out. I really think he was trying to be a hero....I do think he trusts green. But the bottom line, is he had a bad game. And Nealy did too, and when your two most important up the middle guys play soft you get what we got the first half.

Nealy I am much more concerned about right now between the two. That may have been one of the worst MLB performances on the flats (competition taken into consideration) I have seen since Ross Mitchell subbed in for a injured Daryl Smith vs Dantzler and Clemson.

Yeah, thought we had rookie like MLB play, especially on their 92 yard (record setting) TD run, that play was just putrid

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The Good: The WR's and overall passing game was much better than I anticipated, Watched the center (Burden) on several plays and he did a great job. Except for the missed FG, our special teams looked pretty good.

The Bad: Playing a team like Wofford is a no win situation. If you do not win by 50, fans think the worst.
I thought our backs looked awful slow. I hope this was an illusion, but I do not see us breaking many long runs this year.

The Ugly: Tackling, Out of position, and no push on the DL I think concerns us all. The amount of rushing yards are one of my concerns for this season.

But, a win is a win, and now we have film to help us get better.

I hope this film teaches us to keep one safety in the deep middle of the field (I have no issue with the other one involved in one side run support, but not both). We got burned in the spring game and in the semi-open scrimmage in fall camp the same way we got burned Saturday just before halftime). You cannot leave the middle wide open.


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are you referring to the 92 yard run?

gotsis was in a 5tech, green 3. Green played it right. I think adam got too up field for a run play but did play his lane.

The problem was 2 fold. Nealy went to take the left tackle and had poor body position and leverage. He didn't use his hands and took the tackle outside leverage. That left the A-Gap uncovered because Green took the GC double team and Gotsis was already upfield on the bgap (he was out of the play at the snap). So you had Green taking the double team like a good 3tech (he played it perfect). Now you have two to tackle one with one blocker (the OT that nealy took).

Here is the error. Nealy didn't do anything against that tackle right. He got swallowed and his body was on the wrong side. I know this because Davis had Bgap...Davis was there. There was no reason for nealy to be on that side of the tackle.

The second error was i Johnson. He cheated to the pitch key. He didn't watch the fact the ball was handed to the BB and immediately ran to his pitch key which was either the QB or pitchman (not sure what his assignment was that play but it looked like he was responsible for the QB which is very common)

This was a flat mental mistake. If nealy took inside leverage on the tackle, and IJ filled that play goes for 2-3 yards at the most. For me this is why the option is HARD to defend. One mental error, or in this case 2 and bam TD. IJ has to knock the rust off I am sure...but we rep against this everyday in practice and its inexcusable. Totally inexcusable. He had plenty of time to see the BB handoff.

Our MLB was absolutely bad. I am really nervous about other spread option teams exploiting this now...

FYI the D roof called for that play was perfect.

actually this was ONE OF THE WORST PLAYS in GT def HISTORY--in 50 yrs that I've been watching
this was a FCS school vs our FIRST team def!! we didn't TOUCH the guy-not only weren't in position to stop we we couldn't catch him --92 yds AMAZING

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yeah i hope so...but the reality is some basic things he didn't do I hope its a wake up call.

Is Harrel Neal's backup? Like 33, Nealy's play was the biggest concern I had. Time and time again he stood like a statue and let their monster lineman tie him up. Another time he took a bad angle on their quarterback and waved as he went past. That after seeing all day how fast the guy was.


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I can chalk up the long run o over aggression, looking to nail them deep to get the ball back, expecting the pass, and thank goodness it was something we over came. What concerned me was: We were not able to get their offense off the field. It seemed like every possession was 8-10 minutes long.


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I chalk up the long run at the end of the 2Q to this same scheme earlier in the game. Either the middle is not strong enough, too many people committed to the outside, or someone not doing the right thing.



About that long wofford run. There was one positive on that at that really stood out to me during the play. #23 has heart and hustle. Came from about 3 zip codes away when he gave chase. And damn if he didn't close the gap considerably. Most that far away for the ball carrier wouldn't even try...or would run at 75%. He really turned on the jets and gave his all.


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I chalk up the long run at the end of the 2Q to this same scheme earlier in the game. Either the middle is not strong enough, too many people committed to the outside, or someone not doing the right thing.

This is not the same defensive play call as the one on the 92 yard run. This youtube the backs are in 3 deep not man and bump covg. Also the lb alignment is different.....and dl is in a 1tech 3tech not 3tech 5tech. In this linked play the issue is the 1tech dt has to control the agap and he got moved. In the 92 yard run the 3tech has to take the double which he did and the mlb has to fill which he didnt then the S got caught looking.