The good, the bad, and the ugly...


Helluva Engineer
Greensboro (area) North Carolina
Did not get to watch the game (also having trouble with downloads of replay) but I am really not too shook up over this game. I counted multiple teams that struggled or had close calls this past Saturday. Tech's performance was actually one of the better ones (when compared to Ohio State, NC State, UCLA and several others) and VIP's victory was over a team that is far less formidable than Wofford.

So let's not forget that Wofford is a very well coached team. They have given fits to several teams the last few years. Tech's performance against them was better than any of the last three games South Carolina had against Wofford.

We learned stuff with this game. We will get better.

UNCheat wasn't lighting up the sky against Liberty in the 1st half either.

I just thought our guys would've been a little more fired up in the 1st. half. Like you said, there's something to learn from this game.