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Spring Practice

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Oakland, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Oakland

    Oakland Helluva Engineer

    I know its way too early, but what do you guy want to see.
    Me, I think its time to ask Tobias Oliver to move to defensive back. He's just too good of an athlete to be subbing in as a receiver. Plus we get 4 star Marquez Ezzard in the rotation. I see him being another Christian Campbell or better. He just looks out of place at receiver and if he has any plans of playing at the next level, DB would benefit him. We can't waste a player like Oliver.
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  2. alagold

    alagold Helluva Engineer

    Lets grow him to 290 for DL, that's what we really need.
  3. gte447f

    gte447f Helluva Engineer

    IMHO, Oliver is not a next level player at any position.
  4. TampaGT

    TampaGT Helluva Engineer

    I don’t think he will be on the team next year. No info just a guess.
  5. lv20gt

    lv20gt Helluva Engineer

    It doesn't make much sense to put Oliver at DB. It's the area we have the least need for, and it doesn't take any advantage of his running ability. RB probably fits him better than WR but what we have kind of makes that a non option.

    At WR his best role is probably as a #3 or 4 option trying to take advantage of matches against LBs while Brown/Ezzard/Gowdy take the attention of the DBs. Oliver probably won't be a great route runner or have the best WR skills (in terms of good hands and being able to high point the ball consistently and the like), but with the ball in his hands he's probably better than any of the other WRs.
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  6. Oldgoldandwhite

    Oldgoldandwhite Helluva Engineer

    I want to see how many players are left. We may need a bunch of transfers to come in to make 85.
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  7. Augusta_Jacket

    Augusta_Jacket Helluva Engineer

    If Oliver is on the team next year, the only meaningful PT he is likely to see would be on ST as a returner.
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  8. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    29 commits (tic) > 8 seniors leaving... Hopefully not too many are - time for the dreaded word - "processed" so that we are too thin at any position.
  9. SOWEGA Jacket

    SOWEGA Jacket Helluva Engineer

    I agree. I hope he stays to get that degree but his playing time is done.
  10. RickStromFan

    RickStromFan Helluva Engineer

    no one was hurt by PJ's retirement more than TO.
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  11. Augusta_Jacket

    Augusta_Jacket Helluva Engineer

    A few former ABs who had to transfer might disagree, but the overall point remains. TO is a great athlete without a position. As an athlete he's amazing, but he's not quite good enough at any single position to beat out the players we will have on deck next year, IMO.
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  12. KCJackets

    KCJackets Helluva Engineer

    Agree. His body language and demeanor have not been great, but maybe that's just his personality.
  13. gtg845w

    gtg845w Ramblin' Wreck

    Go to kennesaw st TO and win a fcs championship next year!
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  14. g0lftime

    g0lftime Helluva Engineer

    He is caught in no man's land. A QB that is not a great passer but very good in the open field as a runner. WR is a better position for him if he wants a pro career but so far he has struggled at the position. I hope he stays, improves at the position and graduates. I wish him well whatever he chose to do. He gave us some great moments at QB.
  15. 1BearJACKET

    1BearJACKET Helluva Engineer

    I want to see Yates and Gleason battling out for the QB position and put Graham at DB with Oliver, or into the RB rotation.
  16. ibeattetris

    ibeattetris Helluva Engineer

    I don’t think this is realistic. Graham has to be QB until at least partway through the season. Even if Yates or Gleason win the starting job, you have to have a QB with more game experience than Yates has as a back up.
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  17. JacketOff

    JacketOff Helluva Engineer

    I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I think it’s definitely Graham’s job to lose, but if he gets outperformed in camp I’ve got no problem with either Yates or Gleason starting in week 1. If either one of those guys beats out Graham, you have to assume they’re the QB of the future, and they have to play in games to get the most out of it. I also wouldn’t mind if Graham started and played most of the snaps in week 1 regardless, but whoever they determine won the job needs to play all game against GW. Unless of course that game turns to doom and gloom like El Cid. Can’t afford to play QB roulette against GW and lose.
  18. ibeattetris

    ibeattetris Helluva Engineer

    Right, I was trying to say that Graham should remain a QB as back up if Yates or Gleason win the job. The poster I responded to said to move Graham to DB. I do not think Graham should be moved positions even if he loses. His experience is needed at the position.
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  19. jgtengineer

    jgtengineer Helluva Engineer

    TO should transfer to kennesaw, Play QB win a walter payton award.
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  20. boger2337

    boger2337 Helluva Engineer

    Agreed 10000% he is an athlete. Not so much a great football player. Not someone who will change a game day in and day out. Not for a blue chip team.

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