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Let’s do Junior’s Grill while we’re at it.

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by dressedcheeseside, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. MikeJackets1967

    MikeJackets1967 Helluva Engineer

    I love hamburger steak and coconut pie:D
  2. COJacket

    COJacket Helluva Engineer

    Yep we are
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  3. MikeJackets1967

    MikeJackets1967 Helluva Engineer

    When i was growing up the only places to go out and eat at were Hotels,Inns or Saloons;)
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  4. Supersizethatorder-mutt

    Supersizethatorder-mutt Helluva Engineer

    Sorry. I just thought it was another typical greasy spoon. To each his own, I guess.
  5. Essobee

    Essobee Helluva Engineer

    What a great picture of Techwood and Juniors. I remember when "The Big Country" starring Gregory Peck was on the Techwood marquee one day. Some Tech students in the dark of nite changed it to The Big Cun_ starring Pecke_. :censored:

    Yes, I remember when the Techwood was affectionately called the Armpit. And I remember Junior's, of course, where a Boston cream pie was called chocolate pie by everyone. The cooks at at Junior's were usually fresh out of the army where they had learned their trade. "Boils and beans" meant boiled potatoes with beans.

    If you ordered an entire chocolate pie after super and ate the whole thing by yourself, the pie was free. I don't recall anyone ever getting a free chocolate pie. :cry:

    And no, the Tech motel was not built on the Junior's location which was near the center of the block. The Tech motel was built at the upper end of the block near the expressway. :pompous:
  6. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    No doubt it was, but holds a warm spot in many hearts none the less.
  7. neverquit

    neverquit Georgia Tech Fan

    What was the menu item that was called "you know what"? I was there for most of the 80's.

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