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Ramblin' Wreck
Athens, GA
Yellow Jacket
I have been an IRS Agent for my whole career
Married with 2 adult son's
I go to the home games and at least 1 away game a year
I study recruiting, opponents starters that graduated/lost to the NFL, and injuries (for us and our opponents)
No one hates uga more than me
We'll forgive you for working for the IRS and you should definitely check out the thread we have about 3* vs 4* recruiting we have going on.

Welcome to the Swarm!! THWG!


Helluva Engineer
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Hello, Boomergump here. Former TECH student and athlete from the 1980s. I'm a pretty crazy and dedicated GT fan. I have spent a lot of time and energy on another GT related board, but grew quite tired of childish crap. If you guys like to look deeply into the action and keep things respectful and analytical, with just the right amount of emotion, then I think I can have a lot of fun here. I am looking forward to it. I see a couple of familiar handles, so I won't totally be among strangers to start. I look forward to getting to know the rest of you as well. Go Jackets!


Retired Co-Founder
Thanks a lot for joining Boomer. I have always really enjoyed reading your input. You really have a great input and breakdowns! Look forward to your post.


Georgia Tech Fan
Hey y'all,
Call me a Lexington KY Yellow Jacket fan. I became a Gt fan after high school (2001). I was didn't want to be a mindless SEC fan, just seemed like all of my buddies wanted to cheer for GA because they are in the SEC. I went to GA State, and finished college at EKU. Currently I am in construction sales, and if I could make it back to GA I would. Met my wife here in Lexington so not all bad.


Georgia Tech Fan
Hey; this is John Rafferty and I was one of the earliest members of the SWARM student cheering group. I joined as a freshman in 1997 and helped run it until I got out in 2002. Now I work for the Air Force in the Florida Panhandle and help run their Alumni Network. I am an avid collector of Georgia Tech historical and sports items. I also founded the Facebook Group "Georgia Tech Antique Collectors" and am on the Alumni Association Board of Trustees.