HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

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You should see some of his posts about his wife. I still don't understand how he gets away with half the stuff he posts. My wife would short circuit my butt in a New York minute for less.
Maybe he plays politics with his wife and keeps her guessing; I have heard that women like mysterious men.


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Coastal Carolina versus Virginia would have been an interesting comparison to GT… understandably canceled.


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The man is still married, so he’s doing something right.

.. or is he?

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Why is Deion not being considered? With uga doing what they’re doing, the program has literally never been this irrelevant. That would make a huge splash.
We don’t know that he isn’t being considered.

There’s reason to believe that he’d recruit well and that players would see us at least initially as a path to the league.

He’s beating his FCS competition really well. The workload at a P5 school or an upper G5 school is heavy for coaches. I don’t know the hours he puts in vs the hours that would be required here, the kind of coaching staff he’d put together, etc.

If he were an FCS coach with the same record and coaching resume that wasn’t named Deion Sanders, even winning like he is, I don’t think we’d even be talking about him. Maybe that’s wrong, and maybe we’re overlooking some good FCS coaches.

The hall of fame NFL career and the personal fame are awesome. How much do they help us out and for how long?