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Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by gtstinger776, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. chris975d

    chris975d Helluva Engineer

    How can Collins combat this though? We sell tickets ridiculously cheap as is the closer we get to game day. I was almost offended the week of the NC State game when GT was advertising a $15 ticket that got you a seat in the game, AND food credit at the 404 Tailgate. That’s basically giving away entrance and we still can’t get close to selling out with our own fans. We actually need the ticket sales from the other team’s fans to fill up our stadium. We can’t do it even dramatically under “face value” price of the tickets for pretty much every game we host.

    Other than Collins fielding a competitive, winning team for a number of years to (hopefully) grow the fan base numbers, how else can he himself put butts in the seats?
  2. TooTall

    TooTall Helluva Engineer

    Ummm, I do this. Even after working until midnight most Fridays. Being single, I always bring friends with me. It's a great time for fellowship and getting those guys away from the wives for a day. Before the NC State game toured the Benz, well worth the $25 just saying. Taken several to the Varsity for the first time. Shown them where the only damn good dog is buried, Sideways. Walked through the museum, which needs a upgrade. Even the uga fans I've brought over the year like the experience because [email protected] and the area is different.

    It sucks when we lose and can make the ride the ride home a bit longer. But, at the end of the day, I got to go and experience something rather than sit on my large rear end on the couch.

    This was my first season with season tickets. I'm ready to renew. I'm a Tech fan from the heart of south Ga and will support my team no matter what. I will buy gear and knickknacks. I will give to the GTAA. I will attend games. I will shut uga fans up when I tell them that atleast I was alive when my team last won a natty!

    THWg and Go Tech!!
  3. bke1984

    bke1984 Helluva Engineer

    Key portion of your reply. Married people with multiple kids sometimes have other commitments. At this point in my life I’m lucky enough to prioritize Tech games, but when my daughters are in youth sports on Saturday that might not be the case. Especially if we are going to be a 3-9 squad and the AA doesn’t give two ****s about honoring its promises.
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  4. 65Jacket

    65Jacket GT Athlete

    If they quit going to the hat rack uniforms and go back to looking like Tech has looked through my life, I'll be a supporter again. It is very painful to watch our team wearing Ga States colors.
    I have not gone to the last two home games, the first I have missed since 1967(except for one due to illness a few years ago). It is painful to my core to not have the GT that I loved through the years.
    As is, I may not even buy tickets any more.
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  5. gtg970g

    gtg970g Helluva Engineer

    Youth sports can make it tough; fortunately our local fall baseball league plays on Sundays. I haven't had an issue with the season ticket holder discounts at concession stands but I do always pay cash because I don't like that you can't see how much they are charging you.
  6. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    Gave my tix to family and we’re getting text updates throughout the game of mutt antics as my entire area turned red. I wasn’t surprised. There was rampant disgust starting with the UNC game. There’s varying degrees of acceptance, an in some cases no acceptance at all, of the path forward here but I believe most of us on here are business people running or contributing at a significant level at companies where performance is measured. I obviously have my own experiences but in the decade and a half in private industry you just don’t get to destroy an operation in order to improve it. You’re expected to take the pieces you have, produce with that and simultaneously improve the worst areas first to achieve success.

    Wow, we’ve had some real historical moments on the Flats this year- most TD catches by a Fr, most punts in a game, lost to 1-AA team, first shutout at home since Eisenhower, now the biggest loss ever to the mutt.

    We could run the ball last year & that is undeniable. Our passing sucked, equally undeniable. We just needed a scheme to allow the pieces we had to run the ball effectively while learning to pass, not destroy our running game with no passing game to replace it.

    On defense we’re have been poor for a decade, maybe you can debate that but I think it’s undeniable. If we just kept the same level of suck D with some improvement in tackling and some aggressiveness you’d thought we’d have gotten better.

    Special Teams, well I just don’t know what to say. We’ve had lapses in the past but damn near every segment has deteriorated.

    This is not a good scorecard and CGC had better get a strategy going to right the ship before he capsizes.
  7. wvGT11

    wvGT11 Helluva Engineer

    And that starts with recruiting, I swear so many want to think the ship is capsizing before even getting the right players here to fit the system.
    I'd be very concerned if Collins started this year with Georgia calliber players and we ended up where we are, but he didn't. He started the season with one of the lowest power 5 rosters in terms of size , one of the lowest senior classes, injuries galore and a ton of walk ons. We essentially had to Frankenstein things this year
    I'm not discrediting some of the coaching calls, but for people to say the ship is sinking with the staff just need to look bigger picture

    Attendence wise, we already had horrible attendance, and this season made it worse
    But all we can do is sit back as fans, and support this program by showing up and.donating . Fans will come as the wins come and hopefully they will next year

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  8. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    All I have to say, to the season ticket holder who sits next to me and sold your tickets to 4 uga fans may you rot in hel*. And I promise you next year I will get a hotdog with lots of ketchup and mustard and a large coke and spill it on you. All the season ticket holders around us agree to do this every game, I get week 1.
    Every year we talk about people who sale your tickets to uga fans but it doesn't do any good because they are wimp as* fans
  9. upwgdrb

    upwgdrb Ramblin' Wreck

    We will never get UGA level players. Coaching will always matter at Tech.

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  10. 4shotB

    4shotB Moderator Staff Member

    One thing that would help attendance that I haven't seen mentioned in this thread is if the schedules including kickoff times were published months in advance instead of days or weeks. I have 6 hours one way so need a 3:30 or later kickoff time. Quite often, the times we get them and it is 1-2 weeks in advance I have already made other plans. If I knew in Februry when those games where I would go ahead and pencil them in.
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  11. gtg970g

    gtg970g Helluva Engineer

    Players want to play and with the rise of transfers I don't see why we can't have close to SEC caliber talent. We may not be three deep in 4-5 star recruits at every position but only 11 guys can get on the field at once. Coaching matters everywhere, just look at Tennessee, FSU, and Miami. They have loads of talent with little to show for it.
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  12. majorQ9

    majorQ9 Helluva Engineer

    That's just not gonna happen with how television works outside of the occasional Thursday Night Game.
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  13. 4shotB

    4shotB Moderator Staff Member

    I get it but it is really not an insurmountable issue if you think about it. Speaks to the underlying root cause issue - TV is the real customer now and the guy or gal who would like to attend the games is secondary. I think that is what is driving the attendance down - in a world competing for your entertainment dollar, the NCAA and its organizations don't put much if any value of what the fan wants anymore.
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  14. Boaty1

    Boaty1 Helluva Engineer

    Sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you can go forward. That is what is happening here.
  15. gte447f

    gte447f Helluva Engineer

    I wasn't at the game, but as a bball season ticket holder, I'm going to chime in here anyway. God bless the GT fans who were there representing, but to those saying it was 65/35 split, I think you may be kidding yourselves. On TV it looked 80/20 or worse. Upper east and upper north looked damn near 100%+ dwags.

    The u-g-a chants came across the TV loud and clear also.

    Special shout out to my wife's co-worker who was there in Gold at 39 weeks pregnant.
  16. ramblinwreckguru

    ramblinwreckguru Helluva Engineer

    That step forward had best come next season or there may be an epic mutiny on this ship.
  17. Boaty1

    Boaty1 Helluva Engineer


    Come on man. This season ended without a bowl trip just like 2 of the previous 4. It’s not like he inherited a juggernaut.
  18. Supersizethatorder-mutt

    Supersizethatorder-mutt Helluva Engineer

    At least we got 2 weeks notice for all the non-Thursday games this year, unlike the 6-days notice we have had for the majority of our games the past few years.
  19. SOWEGA Jacket

    SOWEGA Jacket Helluva Engineer

    Wrong. Next year is another rebuilding year but we will be improved just thru health alone. He can only process so many each off season and replace them. We’ll win more games next year simply by getting guys healthy but we’ll still have a freshman QB (either Yates or Gleason) and the DLine will take more than 1 recruiting cycle to fix although adding Wiggles and Clayton will be huge. And if we get Jones that would be outstanding. But we’ll finally have a stable of WR’s and RB’s who can perform. Thomas, Knight, and Jackson are a solid trio at LB and our DB’s will be a strength. In 2021 we’ll take the Coastal unless VT takes a jump in recruiting but I’m hoping Foster leaving hurts them.
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  20. wvGT11

    wvGT11 Helluva Engineer

    What do you think coach is trying to do? I mean really do people not think this coach is trying to build this program up concidering what we have.
    Epic mutiny, come one really. We're at ground zero right now

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