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    Corey Dennis

    OK Nerd Alert! My wife and I were recently reminiscing about the Orange Bowl with MSU, how beautifully the B Back option was working, and how frustrated the DL for MSU was. She came up with the idea that it was the Schrodinger Offense that game. For a defensive lineman, the B Back both had...
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    Morgan Burnett has retired

    I agree. Until he ran that damn kickoff back against Clemson, he was the best safety I ever saw play for Tech.
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    How many Tech games have you attended

    Counting Away games and Bowl games - 250+. Made every home game but two after becoming a season ticket holder in '84. I think I made all the home games as a student in the mid to late 70's. Averaged somewhere around two away games a year, mostly Clemson. Several trips each to UT, ND, AU...
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    Collins report card after 2 seasons

    So he comes to Tech from Grayson, plays one year and enters the portal like AB. Meanwhile the Boomers quit buying the tickets and funding the scholarships. That's the way you build a program.
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    GT secondary ranked #103 by PFF

    Jeremy Muyres might have personified what you are describing as reading the game. Nowhere near as physically imposing as Thomas and Carpenter, but he was a three time All-ACC as a defensive back.
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    It could be worse...

    uga happens to be located between Bama and Clemson, and it sucks the life out of Athens. I agree with the OP. The one thing they want most is the one thing they can't have, and that is a miserable existence. The girl they bring to the dance keeps going home with somebody else.
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    BR: Re-Ranking the Top 2020 Class

    Unfortunately four of the other top 9 we will play each year.
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    GT - ND postgame thread

    Maybe my memory is starting to fail, but every time I watch Gibbs, I see Lavette. And I'm reliving '81 and '82 as we waste him game after game. Another thing that I see from the past: Patrick Nix is calling our plays. I foresee a Bud Carson type tenure. Several years of losing often badly...
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    Ok question to kill time

    For the few games we actually got to see him, Hollings was the most talented and probably the best I ever saw in a Tech uniform. What would CPJ have done with him in the TO? Joe Burns was the best 4th qtr back. He got stronger as the game went on. Lavette played on such terrible teams that...
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    All Time GT Team

    Would Tech's all time team beat uga's all time team? What would you give to see Lucius hit Herschel? Calvin standing over Champ in the end zone?
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    All Time GT Team

    Pepper had some freaks. Don't forget Al Richardson, Mackel Harris, Steve Raible, Don Bessillieu, Kent Hill.
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    All Time GT Team

    Damn, you just made me feel old, or maybe young. Drink and Drown at the Mad Hatter!!!
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    Top Georgia Tech Teams Modern Era: 1992-present

    Make Friedgen the OC on that team, and they might play for the MNC (if he isn't in jail for killing Ball).
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    2020 Offseason Thread

    Just looked and ND plays Clemson in South Bend the week before ND comes to ATL. I think I like that.
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    Future Opponents: Bama and Ga State

    Open the campus for tailgating, free buses to the stadium, air conditioned rather than 95+ degrees for an early game, ESPN game day on campus, replays on the Jumbotron pre-game of when Bama came to BDS in '84 and '62. First game of the season, we come out in the TO and Saban forfeits.