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    Ok question to kill time

    For the few games we actually got to see him, Hollings was the most talented and probably the best I ever saw in a Tech uniform. What would CPJ have done with him in the TO? Joe Burns was the best 4th qtr back. He got stronger as the game went on. Lavette played on such terrible teams that...
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    All Time GT Team

    Would Tech's all time team beat uga's all time team? What would you give to see Lucius hit Herschel? Calvin standing over Champ in the end zone?
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    All Time GT Team

    Pepper had some freaks. Don't forget Al Richardson, Mackel Harris, Steve Raible, Don Bessillieu, Kent Hill.
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    All Time GT Team

    Damn, you just made me feel old, or maybe young. Drink and Drown at the Mad Hatter!!!
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    Top Georgia Tech Teams Modern Era: 1992-present

    Make Friedgen the OC on that team, and they might play for the MNC (if he isn't in jail for killing Ball).
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    2020 Offseason Thread

    Just looked and ND plays Clemson in South Bend the week before ND comes to ATL. I think I like that.
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    Future Opponents: Bama and Ga State

    Open the campus for tailgating, free buses to the stadium, air conditioned rather than 95+ degrees for an early game, ESPN game day on campus, replays on the Jumbotron pre-game of when Bama came to BDS in '84 and '62. First game of the season, we come out in the TO and Saban forfeits.
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    Legitimate observation/question

    When was the last time a team beat Clemson running any offense?
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    Temple Post Game

    Now that is what I call a high school offense. Makes me feel young again. You fans in your 30's and 40's are about to get to experience the early 80's. Stars might align, and we steal a game somewhere, but probably not. It's going to get bad, and then basketball will be worse just like 79...
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    Article Until We Meet Again: 6 Reasons Why Tech Will Top the Coastal

    You can always look at it this way: First game with a new HC and DC, and the DL did as well as Bama against Clemson. Did Bama record a sack against that OL? I don't think so.
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    James Graham is the future

    Expect to see several more Graham to Brown TDs this year.
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    Bright Spots

    Start with the obvious. The coaches knew that TO is not an effective passer. But if Bama's Heisman candidate qb can't pass against Clemson's D, then neither are we. Coaches know TO can run, so you go with the running QB, and hope to get some work for the other two. In their hearts, the...
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    QB1 Predictions

    Clemson in game #1 the last few years is nowhere like Clemson in game #15. Keep the mistakes down, keep your poise, don't lose the kicking game, get a few first downs running the ball, survive till half time, and watch the pressure change sides of the field.
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    ACC Discussion 2019

    I don't think we're going to have the worst OL in the Coastal despite converting from the TO. Miami going to need three or four qb's before year end. We play UM on Oct 19th. Probably we will be catching the 3rd string guy in his first start or second start, or the second string guy when he's...
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    Why we WILL beat Clemson

    They were winning them in the early 80's also but then we joined the ACC. Ended a lot of Clemson's undefeated seasons since then.