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    Pair a bourbon to toast to 2020 signing class?

    whiskey gotta be clear!
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    Bright spots...

    Our defense is working hard out there. For a while, we hung with Clemson's offense.
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    Has it come to this?

    Yep. This needed to be said. Thanks.
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    Prominent Coaches' First Year Scares

    Those "good" players were recruited for an entirely different offense. Not sure this point is valid.
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    Gold Uniforms are here!

    As long as 'DOWN WITH THE RED AND BLACK' stays
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    The Citadel Postgame

    Yeah and the mutts blew out their cupcake 55-0. BLECH!
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    Bruh, this game
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    Looking more like Eddie Money down... too soon?
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    This sucks, but whatever. Chalk it up to rebuilding I guess. Wasn't long ago that the Braves rebuilt their whole team so we have hope
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    We attack the edge and they start running up the gut
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    Come on Tech! SHOW US YOUR TDs!!
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    Damn I know we are rebuilding, but expected us to pummel Citadel
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    I'm pissed. You cant trash talk???
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    These refs really want attention today
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    You dont bench fired-up defensive players. You tell them to calm down