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    The missing 2019 UCF game

    I just wish I had my money back that I spent on my family at Disney. I could not get a refund.
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    Korean Pop at Bobby Dodd

    The Georgie games in 1976 was in Athens.
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    I'm really sorry for Nessler and Daniels

    Thanks, I had a great birthday. Glad the baggers lost it could not have been any better way to end the day.
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    2020 Player thoughts and impressions

    Note, Gardner Webb will not be the opening game unless Tech gets a by opening week end. We will start with a conference game.
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    It starts with us

    Supersize, he was mad as hell and cussed every person involved.
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    It starts with us

    This for supersize I am glad you were not in our house when my dad read Tech was getting out of the SEC.
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    Jalen Hurts enters Portal

    This is for GTRAmbler. Every time I see that sorry piece of crap I want to gag or throw something at the tv.
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    680 has a breaking announcement coming up

    What do all these names have in common. Todd Stansbury, Pat Swilling, Ted Roof, Dean Waters, John Davis, Ken Whisenhunt.
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    Athletic Director's Update

    I would like to throw this out to our fans. When I was young a lot of Uga fans and alumni wanted to see Dooley fired. In his first sixteen years he only had three seasons with more than ten wins. Then he caught lighting in a bootle and to me that was when Uga took off as a program that they have...
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    ACC Football Thread

    I sure hope that MikeJackets is wrong about Duke. I hope they don’t win another game.
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    What are your measures for success with the new defense?

    More punts by other team.
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    Adidas Swag watch 2018

    Had to go to Walmart with the wife. No Tech gear lots of gagger trash, all of it made by Russell. I got a good laugh out of it.
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    What was the first GT and Non-GT football game that you attended?

    The first game was 1970 GT vs FSU TECH won. I think the score was 17-3, sat in the south end zone. We were on regional tv.
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    Longest Pro Careers Gt Players

    John Davis , played in super bowl.
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    Rate the best GT FB player...

    Brent Cunningham