Where the Program stands


Helluva Manager
Marietta, GA
I think the program is in better shape than 1979-83. I was there during that time and the discussion was to end the athletics program. The facilities were awful (remember the old Navy Armory?), the current Edge had not even been built.

Today, we have the 2020 Initiative and a new Edge underway. Fundraising in general appears ok and we have upgraded many of our coaches (still have one to go). I get the fact that whoever followed CPJ was going to undertake the Greatest Transformation in the History of the Earth, so let's just put an exclamation point there.

Geoff's time will end and a new coach will take over. Butch is gone at UT (Geoff reminds me of Butch a lot) and Heupel has them on a good, steady path. Are we in a bad spot? Yes. Are we as bad as 79-83? Not yet.