Where Do You Expect GT to Finish Next Year? 50th Is Reasonable.


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Douglasville, Georgia
Its going to be a good season... Its hard to predict how everybody else will play so im gonna totally guess and day we finish inside the top 25 with 9 MAYBE 10 wins. 2 wins against the big boys. Improvement on the past few seasons for sure due to SOS and 2nd year of Roofs Defense and an improvement there. If I were to put a number id say somewhere around 20th.


Helluva Engineer
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Last year I thought 9 games won was going to be the number and, in retrospect, I guess it should have been. This year I really have no clue. There are a lot of questions. If 50th is the over/under, I would definitely bet the under. Generally speaking, I feel we have more talent than most of the posting fan base is willing to acknowledge. However, there are just too many guys on the roster I haven't seen play or practice yet.