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Wesley Wells

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by bobongo, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. bobongo

    bobongo Helluva Engineer

    Walk-on...2018 Field Goals 9/9 (long 48 yards)...2018 PAT's 39/39

    Starting ahead of one scholarship kicker.
    Questions: Shouldn't he get a scholarship? Hasn't he earned one? Are we saving one for him? Are the odds high that there will be one available? What if attrition is less than expected?

    I guess my main question is, how does this work? Will we sign just the number that matches the number of scholarships available (which is at this moment, two, if I understand it correctly)? Then, with attrition, will scholarships be awarded to deserving walk-ons? Will we accept more LOI's than scholarships, depending on expected attrition? If so, what if there's no attrition (I know we expect it, but what if there are none, or less than expected)?

    Another question: We have all these offers, but only two scholarships (I think) to give at this moment. Is it first-come, first-served?

    Pardon my dumb questions, but I've always been a little confused about how all this works.
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  2. Southpaw13

    Southpaw13 Helluva Engineer

    He’d probably be the first kid to get one for the year, assuming one comes available... but I seriously don’t think the new staff will feel obligated to hold one for him.

    The kid is probably on Hope or something along those lines. There’s a lot we don’t know, and shouldn’t assume.

    I certainly wouldn’t be upset if the kid gets put on scholarship... but I wouldn’t hold one for him before signing day, that’s for sure
  3. smokey_wasp

    smokey_wasp Helluva Engineer

    We will definitely sign more than 1.
    Collins says we know how many we can sign, which tells me he is pretty much aware of roughly how many will leave. I would guess around 5. Whether one will be left for Wells, I dunno.
  4. lv20gt

    lv20gt Helluva Engineer

    Only the coach can answer any of those.

    The thing to consider is that while he hit everything he was asked to, he wasn't asked to do much. Only 9 FGs and only one over 45. He was used very little and that makes it hard to really judge. The other thing is that often you will hear of senior walkons getting the remaining scholarships because it's a one year thing and it has minimal, if any, opportunity cost. In Well's case he's a rising soph so giving him a scholarship ties it up for 3 years and so that limits recruiting to some degree (not massive but more so than a senior walk on would). If it were me I'd wait and see how he does in practice personally and in the games next year where I imagine he'll get a heavier workload.
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  5. bwelbo

    bwelbo Helluva Engineer

    Fun fact:

    Alex Kessman (Pitt) got All ACC 2nd team:
    FG: 13/17 (76%)
    PATA: 40/43
    Total Kicks: 53/60

    Wesley Wells (Georgia Tech) - no recognition:
    FG: 9/9 (100%)
    PAT: 39/39
    Total Kicks: 48/48

    Especially given Wesley Wells didn't play in the first 3 games, his stats only include 9 games. Who with a straight face thinks 53/60 is better than 48/48? Alex Kessman had 5 out of 12 more kicks - that's awful for a kicker. Jiminy Christmas.

    Side note, Greg Huegel (Clemson) got 3rd team All ACC on 11/16 FG (69%)
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  6. smokey_wasp

    smokey_wasp Helluva Engineer

    That's reasonable. I do think Wells deserves one, but with so many needs, I could understand taking a wait and see approach, particilarly if King remains on scholarship.
  7. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    Yes Well should be given a scholarship
  8. TampaGT

    TampaGT Helluva Engineer

    Wells should be on scholly NOW! I thought what k smart did to their kicker was bush league. With the guys leaving early because of graduation and We just had two guys that were committed back out there is no reason he should not be on Sholly. If he isn’t on one in a couple weeks that is bs bush league move.
  9. Madison Grant

    Madison Grant Helluva Engineer

    I've a feeling this is not the old regime where the walk-on kicker gets the scholarship just because it wouldn't be "right" if he didn't. This will make some uncomfortable and offend moral sensibilities, no doubt.
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  10. swarmer

    swarmer Helluva Engineer

    He’s accurate but doesn’t have a great leg. I imagine he’ll get the job is he wins it out of camp; don’t be surprised if they bring in some other guys to compete
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  11. TarTriton

    TarTriton Jolly Good Fellow

    He is on hope.
  12. TampaGT

    TampaGT Helluva Engineer

    Had a long of 48 that at least land in the front row maybe further. For a freshman to make a kick that would have been good from 50 if not more is a great leg. He is only going to get stronger.
  13. YellowJacketFan2018

    YellowJacketFan2018 Helluva Engineer

    I think Wesley will have a great 2019 season and possibly be All-ACC. I hope Geoff Collins will give him a scholarship because he really deserves one.
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  14. white coffey

    white coffey Jolly Good Fellow

    Sorry, but some of these comments are short sighted. Do we not know by now how important a good kicker is? Anybody remember the Tennessee game last year? A chip shot and Tech wins. Anybody remember UVA this year? Without Wells, we likely lose! Anybody watch the Quicklane Bowl? Wells, a true freshman, hit a 40+ yarder when the rest of the team didn’t even get off the bus. The dude was 100%.

    We have a chance to lock in a reliable FG kicker for the next three years, and it’s a debate whether we scholly him or not? It’s ridiculous that’s it’s even up for debate. Of course he deserves a scholarship. Should have already happened.

    Just my 2 cents.

  15. MountainBuzzMan

    MountainBuzzMan Helluva Engineer

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  16. Gtbowhunter90

    Gtbowhunter90 Helluva Engineer

    Well you're wrong...…...
  17. tech_wreck47

    tech_wreck47 Helluva Engineer

    Doesn’t have a leg? He’s a true freshman and kicked a 48 yarder with room to spare.
  18. 684Bee

    684Bee Helluva Engineer

    I'm all for giving Wells a scholarship
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  19. GT_B

    GT_B Helluva Engineer

    I’m all for giving wells a scholly, he earned it. But i’m Not typically a person to want to pull someone else’s scholarship, but why is King still on a scholarship if he’s now the back up kicker and not doing kick offs or FGs? I know it’s a dick move, but why would a back up kicker be on a scholarship in any other situation?

    Scholarships are a year by year renenwal, and typically you don’t see this exercised except at factories processing kids, but I don’t see the point of King being on a scholarship if he isn’t even playing at this point.
  20. swarmer

    swarmer Helluva Engineer

    If he has a big booming leg why isn’t he in kickoffs?

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