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I'm ALL about pitch counts, especially early in the season for safety and longevity. Major issues in HS with pitch counts of 110 before you "have to pull" the pitcher. (I can share personal stories of this in HS and even worse in Travel Ball (for some opposing teams)).
Glad they're doing it here to keep tabs and governor's on guys.

Pitching 28 on Tuesday and a pitch count of 50-55 isn't a bad thing and safer than, as others suggested, blowing him up or out too early.
A lot of people abused early in the season with no chance to recovery or bounce back.

Slow the gas pedal, we're only 10 games in on 55+. Plenty of time to ramp up guys we need to step up and if Grissom wasn't groomed or tagged/prepped earlier in the season as a starter, he's going to be on a lower pitch count than those who were. Everything safely takes time and I'm confident they know what they're doing.

Great to see more use across the board of the staff and we should have plenty of arms left in there to tap into.

Love seeing the more First Pitch Strikes (FPS) this season and guys jumping on their pitchers counts when they can.

When called, get in there, throw strikes, get outs. Great stuff.

I'm sure Nuke is dancing with the faster hook this year and it seems to be working and giving more guys reps and more reps is what more guys need.
All will help in the long run and prep for a great end of regular season and into extension.


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To add on, the weekend guys throw there bullpen session during the week. So it’s not like they just sit there with their arm in ice until the next weekend.

With a guy coming back from injury, why not use a live bullpen in a midweek game that you should win? He should be higher on the depth chart than most of the midweek guys, so he is getting work, coaches are getting to see what he has, and theoretically you’re putting out a better pitcher than what you normally would midweek.