Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

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I can't seem to find a site that has this data, but I'm wondering about transfers by position.

For example, do WR's transfer more often than LB's? Do QB's transfer more frequently than K's?

Surely someone somewhere is tracking this...


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Some of y’all go way back. We ain’t got a “Front 7”. It’s a front 6. Just about everybody plays nickel these days.

One game to look at to see what we need is the Clemson game. We need a TE that can block the rush end or LB. We need a playmaker on the DL (multiple, really).

Another game to look at is Bowling Green (sorry). A third is Boston College. Those are games we win if we can out-physical their lines—mainly their offensive lines. Or, we need to stunt and move around—something to change the outcomes of there. Those games are the difference in being bowl eligible in a bad year, and having 8 wins this year. We need either people or changes in scheme, or both.

On Offense, Dontae Smith is graduating/out of eligibility. Leonard, Benson, and Seither at TE are Seniors. Our offense is pretty young. We need an H-back type or two that can move the pile—maybe one that’s really a fullback/runner/blocker, a couple of TEs that can block and catch.
We have speedy guys that can stretch the field. We could use the player who is going to catch five yard catches and keep us ahead of the sticks.
The offense is in pretty good shape, but the TEs finally started to play better towards the end of the year, and they’re gone. We could use a big beast at RB and a game changer at TE. Is Harpring going to be that guy at TE?

On special teams, I’ve been really happy with Birr this season. Punting can be better. We need more LB players to block and tackle on special teams.

On defense, Moala is gone. Tatum and Efford are looking pretty good, but we need at least three starter-level players at LB—we play two, and we should have the option to play at least three. I would hope we get a good recruit or two here and maybe a transfer. We should be looking for impact players.

In the secondary, King is a Senior and Sims is a Senior. Our secondary is a bit older. On defense, we either need our young guys to step up or we need someone big to come in.

We keep looking for EDGE players–and we should, but Sophomore DT/NT players who can make a difference would be huge for us. When Biggers goes out, you either want a guy who brings everything he does, or you want a lanky change-of-pace guy that bats down a lot of balls and is faster than the OL players they’re against, like the USF guys we played against years ago.

What we need also depends on what we’re trying to do. On offense, we need tight ends. On defense, I’m not sure what we’ll do next year. I think I saw UGA playing some 3-3-5 against us last night. Clemson switches defensive formations. Whether it’s Sherrer or someone else at DC, we need to have a playing style. We need to move people around, blitz, and create some confusion for the other team. We need DL.
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You got some guys on D-Line that can be pieces as they full mature. Biggers, Lockhart, Kelly, and Kennard all have talent need to get stronger and better. Need to find another big in middle contributor and if could get a hidden gem like K. White player. The LBs just need some atlethic talent to go alongside efford he fits that MLB role very well just needs help and for himself to mature. He could be 225-230 MLB by his Junior or Senior year basically being a run stopping menace


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DL is def the big answer here, need some more beasts in there. LB is frustrating because we have a lot of guys in the system for a few years who still can’t see the field. I’m guessing we’ll see some turnover there, followed by hitting the portal for it.


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IIRC, Seither is back for one more year. Benson and Leonard are gone. We have a couple younger TE's and a 4* TE coming in via HS. Could probably use another as you said. We need both depth and S&C at DL. Sylvain will be a help. Kennard is here for another year and Harris played well last night. Biggers is continually improving. Fortson will be good in time. (Didn't see him playing last night). We lose Moala, Oliver, and White at LB and they played a lot of snaps for us. Tatum and Efford are a good start but there have to be more. We have 15 on scholarship, but so many are FR it almost doesn't matter. Anyway, yes, front 6 is where we need the most help.


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Kirby repeatedly praised our line play. Line is finally taking shape like I envisioned when Key was hired.
And Geep is a big reason why. We gotta make sure we retain him. There were times when our OL blew up the mutts front 7. Our OL is not our biggest problem...

I think Efford is a stud. I think Biggers is solid. Kennard is solid. Moala has had some flashes, but has been invisible for much of the season. The rest of the front 7 is very pedestrian.

Getting Sylvian back next year will help. But we need some true playmakers in the front 7 - especially at LB.

I am excited for our program and hopeful of what's next. You guys need to open your checkbooks -