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Film Study Team Breakdown

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Ibeeballin, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete

    What a win!!! Here is a few breakdowns on the good and bad from Saturday


    Message board favorite had to be the under center runs. [​IMG]

    Inside Zone: This is an example what Pro-Style Spread mean. Formation your way to success
    Our personnel caused an alignment issue for Miami. 11 personnel kept Miami in Nickel. Nickel defense usually set their front (2 DTs in particular) to the hashmark, RB or slot. Here Miami is set to the hash and it leaves our OLine no one to block. If they were more decisive this probably could’ve been a house call. Also a missed block by the TE


    Good job by the OLine, particularly Davis & Quinney with the kick & seal at the 2nd level. JPM showed great vision and burst here


    This is a MAN RUN!!! Breaks 3 tackles within 6yds. This is what has been missing the first 6 weeks

    Triple Option

    Quick pitch by Graham. Great move in the option field by Howard giving the defender the dead leg and bursting up field

    QB Power:

    It finally worked after 5 weeks!!! Lol. Still not much blocking but the QB ran the correct track and it was a success

    QB Misdirection


    Thought this was an excellent playcall. We all screamed “James get up field and get the first down” but i see what he see now why went he outside. Let’s focus on the slot and former GT target Romeo Finley. He absolutely screws up the read by jumping inside and ragdolling AB to get back outside.

    James still should’ve got the 1st down

    Vertical/Switch Route: [​IMG]

    We have scored on this concept 4/6 weeks i believe. Here is what’s different: Coach P went max protect. Kept the TE in to block and to give to time bomb downfield. Helluva throw by James and even better adjustment by AB on the ball

    Room for improvement: [​IMG]

    Our RT & RG did a bad job sorting out the stunt at the top. Imo, James should’ve dumped this to Cottrell as soon his back foot hit. This would’ve went for a big gain. Cottrell also probably should’ve stayed in the pass pro


    Cover 1 blitz

    My type of defense; CHAOS!!! Why not take advantage of a weak QB and an avg QB by applying pressure. Once again, Knight being a playmaker for us. This is how you set the tone for the game.

    Tre Swilling

    There is nothing impede the WR both are hand fighting. Both players have a right to the football. Absolute bad call. But i want acknowledge Tre for his short memory. Tre continue to play aggressive and showed why he’s one of the best in the conference

    He ran the route for the WR here


    And he also tackles too. Good day for him imo

    Run support:
    When our fits and angles get better, we will rise in the rankings and win more games


    You can tell Curry still thinks a lot. Instead of taking a read step to the side of run, he takes multiple false steps up and essentially takes himself out the play. He’s the unblocked defender bc our DT got the double team. He should make the play. Showell is the force defender meaning he the last line defense to outside. He always be on the outer half/left half of the ball carrier and force him back to everyone else. He does the opposite and now we’re off the races. Got to be better here

    Effort- Based Defense!!!! [​IMG]

    This is the epitome of that. Quon Griffin had a great day. He went thru not 1 but 2 defenders for the sack

    Cov 1 Robber

    This should’ve been a pick. The Robber safety is robbing all crossers, digs, and over routes. He reads it perfectly but doesn’t play the ball. Gotta make these plays if you want to be elite. Also, WRAP UP!!!
  2. bwelbo

    bwelbo Helluva Engineer

    I enjoy sitting back and thinking about how one of our better Linebackers is a true freshman who was recruited at the QB position. Can you imagine Knight in our old option offense at 230 lbs?!
  3. UgaBlows

    UgaBlows Helluva Engineer

    Thank you for doing these, very much appreciated! I keep thinking at first when you write AB it means A-back......old habits die hard
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  4. UgaBlows

    UgaBlows Helluva Engineer

    I find myself wishing they would sub in a Cornerback for Juanyeh on obvious passing downs, he seems like a bit of a liability against the pass imo
  5. BuzzStone

    BuzzStone Helluva Engineer

    Thanks for the breakdown. I continue to see guys play with heart. They are getting better. They deserved and earned this win!
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  6. bobongo

    bobongo Helluva Engineer

    Thanx for this. Helps the average fan like me make some sense out of the chaos out there.
  7. UpperNorth

    UpperNorth Helluva Engineer

    Great work and incredible insight. Thank you
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  8. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    Thanks. I know it takes time , are you getting to sleep through the night ?
  9. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete

    The reason I’m so high on Knight is bc of One of former co-worker has kids who attended Strong Rock. He use to tell every time i see him that Knight “No Matter where you play Knight, he’ll be best athlete on the field!”

    230lb running 4.5-4.6 running midline would be sight to see, but truthfully i always saw him as LB here under both staffs
  10. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete

    I’m am. The baby is amazing so far

    The gifs are a lot easier than my YT vids since i don’t have to about a baby making noise in the background
  11. bos

    bos Helluva Engineer

    Great work and thanks for putting it together.

    The offensive line struggled at time, but is vastly better than we've seen earlier in the season. Everything hinges on them and I'm excited there will be a lot more big bodies next season to compete.

    I think Tre Swilling's play this year has got him on the NFL radar. The guy does it all and has imo been our best defender.

    David Curry has shown improvement last couple of games, but I still think he's the biggest liability on defense. Thacker only play 2 LBers at a time and it's always up to those guys to make the play. I like the analysis, if he just stopped thinking and reacted he'd be making that play in the backfield.

    All in all great win and one Collins, team, and fan base desperately needed. What's awesome and scary is how young this team is. In all my years following GT football, this is the youngest team I've ever watched.

    90% of scholarship players are coming back next year. Only 8 seniors. 20 out of 22 starters will be back, including everyone on defense.
  12. GTJake

    GTJake Helluva Engineer

    BIG improvement by our OL against a stout Miami run defense and the future looks very bright at RB !!
  13. Jacket05

    Jacket05 Helluva Engineer

    Not sure what the outside receiver is doing on the QB power run. It looks like he is just sitting there waiting on the DB to block himself. It is out of the frame at the beginning of the clip so it is hard to tell what he was thinking.

    Also on the vertical/switch route, I think you nailed it with your comment:
    James does a great job of stepping up to avoid the pressure and then almost jumping in the air to get the ball over the line as he throws a perfectly placed ball 40 yards with pure arm strength. Then not enough can be stated about how our TRUE FRESHMAN WR was able to turn around, find the ball with the defender right there, do a 180, catch the ball, and stay in bounds!!!! I remember watching it live and just being amazed that he came down with it and then was more impressed when they showed the replay with the camera on him as he goes to make the catch. He is going to be a special player for us!
  14. ilovetheoption

    ilovetheoption Helluva Engineer

  15. slugboy

    slugboy Moderator Staff Member

    How do you build out the gifs?

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  16. Southpawmac

    Southpawmac Helluva Engineer

    I don't know how ballin did it but if you have a youtube link or video source that you want to make a gif of, there are gif making websites where you upload the source and make a gif from any section of that video.
  17. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete

    How can i forget this play
    Screen recorded from my DVR or the game off of YT
    Use the giphy app
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  18. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete

    I can’t forget this play

    Flood concept

    Graham has a cannon and Adonicas a really good WR

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  19. InsideLB

    InsideLB Helluva Engineer

    I like watching Brown's feet and legs on that play, because he is running darn near full speed before he turns around and RUNS BACKWARDS while maintaining speed. While running backwards he sees how to adjust to the ball in an instant and continues his rotation to adjust to the back shoulder throw. He makes it look easy because he pulls it off so smoothly but that is serious physical ability to turn his hips over.

    Grahm puts the ball where only Brown can catch it. Love how he stepped up in the pocket and made a nice, strong throw. Pretty cool to see.
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  20. 4shotB

    4shotB Moderator Staff Member

    After watching the replay, I realized that Mr. Brown could beat me in the 40 or 100 yard dash while he was sppinning in circles and I was running straight ahead. That even applies to the 18 year old version of me.

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