Spring Game 2016: What are you looking forward to seeing?


Helluva Engineer
I didn't see JT as being tentative last year. Just covered up by Ds crashing down to stop the run. We HAVE to get our passing game going to stretch the field and back those defenders off a hair.
Agree but would like to add one thing.
By working I would accept wide open short gain padses, but so would the aggressive defenses.
What I would love and what they wont accept is passes to athletes in space that go for BIG gains. Give some of that burn u deep if u come up close action.


Helluva Engineer
Columbia, SC
Won't know if a strong pass rush is just weak pass blocking. Catch 22.

I wanna see a minimum of mental errors. Those are things that aren't affected by the opposition so it directly points to positive development rather than poor development by the opposition (which is still us.)

True but I can't remember being impressed with our pass rush in a long time, and not to be too critical, if we can't show a strong rush against our non-stellar pass blocking line I will not harbor the hope that it will suddenly appear once we play teams that pass well.