Spring Game 2016: What are you looking forward to seeing?


Helluva Engineer
I'll start. Things I'm interested in seeing:

1. Watching our young OL execute and gel as a unit. Growth from 2015 season. Interested in Will Bryan moving inside (OL seems to have settled a bit since that move). Shamire...let's do it big guy!

2. New faces at AB, and overall skill and athleticism upgrade at the position. Cottrell will be out, but looking forward to seeing what JJ Green and Omarhi Jarrett bring to the table now that the covers are off. Also want to see how Qua Searcy bounces back from surgery. Interestingly, Matthew Jordan is still listed at QB\AB while Taquan Marshall is listed exclusively at QB.

3. Taquan Marshall at QB. TM got the most praise of any player this spring, from CPJ of all people. Interested to see if he will be a factor at QB going forward.

4. Defensive Line. Most depth and talent we've had there in the CPJ tenure. Mix of experience and young talent up and down the DL. Let's see what the newcomer Branch can do, and the growth of Frenchie (Saint-Amour) after his true freshmen campaign.

5. CBs. Step Durham, Lamont Simmons, Meiko Dotson, and Dorian Walker are in the spotlight. All are physically gifted, but will it translate to the field?

6. BBs. It's been a pretty quiet spring for BBs. Not much news coming from the bell-cow unit of our offense. New old faces that haven't had the opportunity to play due to injuries are back: QFro, Benson, Leggett...let's see what they got.

7. WRs. Shame Philpott is injured, but would like to see Stewart take that next step and Howell show promise for the fall.

What new wrinkles are in store for the O? CPJ always has a few every year if you know what you're looking at.

Can we bring pressure from our front 7? Overall, does Roof have some special wrinkles to take advantage of a deeper DL?

Let's pack BDS. It's going to be a nice Saturday. Free football. If you don't have any important obligations, and you call yourself a GT that lives in the Metro Atlanta area...NO EXCUSES.

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
Pretty good look.

Spring Game always puts me in a catch-22 because my biggest question marks are our two lines, and I can't win. I guess, if we have OL getting their assignments right (not just turning loose a guy incorrectly) and the DL and OL splitting their competitions, I'll be happy.

On B-Backs, it seems that the notes on ramblinwreck.com typically have some highlight from the B-Backs, but it seems like the competition may still be tight. It will be interesting to hear if we get a ranking coming out of spring. I'm looking to see how each block.

On A-Backs, I'm looking to see who can look good getting DB's cut as well as who looks good with the ball in their hands.

On D, I'm interested to see coverage assignments.

Yaller Jacket

Ramblin' Wreck
Good list, Techster. Can't think of anything to add. I would like to see a ferocious pass rush from the front four, but then as AE 87 points out, if it happened, I'd probably just worry about the offensive line.


Jolly Good Fellow
A clean football game with plenty of hard hitting on both sides of the football. By clean I mean no fumbles, no blown assignments and people moving in the general direction they are suppose to go and putting themselves in a position to carry out their assignment.

Icing on the cake would be a swarming defense (pun intended).


Georgia Tech Fan
I think the team will bounce back, at least six to seven wins.
Nice talent along both sides, It will be fun to watch , Henderson on The DL, Step Durham,
Justin in his senior year, Marshall with a year under his belt and Qua Searcy and Jeune.


Helluva Engineer
9.3k day? Oh wait. Ugh i am going to catch crap for that lol

I think our spring game is more meaningless than any other team other than navy.

Our d is nothing to read into since it has to face our O. And our O is facing a D that sees it everyday so they tend to jump some reads more than vs a random opponent....as opposed to a ncaa offense team which you can slather some things over the season since you face similar sets week in and week out....

I would like to see no injuries. And more execution on the wings. Other than that so hard to read into it.


Helluva Engineer
Seeing a BB - any old BB will do - consistently break tackles and go for 4 - 5. If I see that, I'll feel a lot better. It is, imho, the main thing we need to get the team back to normal.

And, like I say, I don't care who it is. I want a BB who'll get us a first on 3 and 3 - 4. Please. It's a simple request.