Should Autry (the frosh) be a WR?


Helluva Engineer
It depends on his blocking. Can he be physical enough out in the wings? Myles is a small guy, about 5'9-5'10, and he weighs 170 lbs with his pads on.

Myles as a receiver is more of a threat at AB because of the mismatch he presents in the slot with a LB or S over him. Had Myles not signed with us, he would have been a slot guy pretty much everywhere else. AB is essentially a slot WR, with the flexibility of a RB. Atleast in the slot his quickness poses a threat in space, whereas as a WR, a DB can play him to the sidelines and vertically depending on the DB's leverage.

Looking back at the '08 -'09 tape, the blocking on the perimeter was outstanding, if we can get back to that then I think the offense will run very smooth. Myles, JT, and Custis seem very gifted. If they can produce like I expect, it should make for a special season or two. The defense seems to be pretty stout. The front line should get more pressure and the secondary seem very stout. Needless to say, I'm extremely excited for the next couple of years to come. Should be exciting