Returning players for 2021-22


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The post I responded to said the tweet was weird. I just commented I liked the tweet. The movie reference was cool. I perhaps wrongly thought he didn't like the tweet.
It's a pretty common meme people use. Not weird at all. Guess I didn't see the post you were responding to.

Great tweet by Jordan to announce his return. I agree with you.


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Jose must be one of the most mentally tough dudes on the planet. How anyone trains indoors with cotton sweatpants is beyond me. I can't even go running outside with sweatpants. Respect, Jose. :)
i do everything in sweatpants--- must be a NY thing


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I never got around to posting my NCAAT game thoughts as I was out of town when I watched the game, so I'll keep it relevant to this thread. I thought Jordan Usher played his best game as a Yellow Jacket vs. Loyola Chicago, and it was when the lights were shining brightest. Highly efficient floor game on both ends of the court. I echo all prior comments that he has a lot to gain by coming back. His growth as demonstrated by this season, let alone his two seasons with GT, seems to be accelerating rather than plateauing.

I can easily envision a more prominent role next year, even if the full cast returns. He has that much upside still. Whether that makes him 1st, 2nd or 3rd team All-ACC, I hope so but really don't care. With his athleticism and strengths already displayed, he can really announce his presence on the scene in a big way next year with continued growth on his current trajectory. That will translate to NBA looks.

Very pumped he's coming back. He is already an ambassador for GT and makes me proud as a fan and alum. Would love to tap into his charisma and leadership at my age now, let alone when I was a meandering college student.


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Moses Wright's Instagram story. Could this imply he is coming back and Jose is the last to decide?