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My best friend from high school was recruited by UT, GT and others plus West Point. He went through the nomination process like everyone else but he knew if he picked Army he would get the nomination. That's where he played.
Yes....I was the same way.....I was even getting letters/ telegrams (showing my age) from the state Congress critters asking why I had not applied for the nomination.


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Military academies require nominations from a congressperson or you can come through military channels. They’re already recruiting across the country by necessity. Army recruits across the nation for cadets, and being a star athlete is a factor. In some respects, they have a huge number of recruiters, just not the traditional football coaches.
You’d expect a lot of regional diversity at the academies.

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Gt used to recruit students using alumni in texas.
They had a booth near the Army booth on college night.

I probably should have not put army in but the great diversity it showed was so impressive- some body besides coaches is screening these guys.

I like the northwestern model - stay strong in your area and get strong in another major city.
Will see in 3 years.