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Pastner Staff Thread

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Basketball' started by shakim3, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. gameface

    gameface Jolly Good Fellow

    I think Reveno played center and Hardy forward, and Hardy coached wings. Looks like we have the 3-5 spots covered.
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  2. D-man44

    D-man44 Helluva Engineer

    And Labarrie is a former Tech guard good we have assistants that have played almost every position at the D1 level able to connect with recruits
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  3. forensicbuzz

    forensicbuzz Helluva Engineer

    I like DL, so don't anyone take this the wrong way, but my first memory of Labarrie after he transferred in was missing a wide-open, break-away lay-up. I think this was his first game, but that image has stuck with me a whole bunch of years. Can't say I remember anything else he did.
  4. D-man44

    D-man44 Helluva Engineer

    He wasn't a great player, however neither were several top end coaches
  5. kg01

    kg01 Get-Bak! Coach Featured Member

    Any of these guys plugged into the Canadian AAU scene? If we can get a line there we'd be in business.
  6. forensicbuzz

    forensicbuzz Helluva Engineer

    I wholeheartedly agree. His inability to be a frontline starter in the ACC probably helps him be a better coach than someone to whom it came easy. From what I've read, he's a good coach and a good recruiter. My comment was solely that the missed lay-up was my first and only lasting impression.
  7. 99jacket

    99jacket Ramblin' Wreck

    When someone once asked me why CPJ is embraced by the fan base I told him that is because CPJ speaks the primary language of Tech fluently: Sarcasm!
  8. ball4life66

    ball4life66 Helluva Engineer

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  9. RamblinRed

    RamblinRed Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    I think the staff makes alot of sense on paper. They bring a broad range of experiences and expertise.

    I think it is a fairly significant comedown from what I was hoping for, but at least all three hires make sense,

    Overall I'd grade it out to a B-.

    LaBarrie i'd give a C- to. One the plus side he is a GT grad who has coached here before, so he understands this school. He is a local guy with local ties. He has strong ties to the Celtics program - which can cut both ways - as could bring us more Celtic players but potentially freeze us out with other local programs. Honestly, a Young or a White would have been a much stronger choice here, so that is why I grade this one lower.

    Reveno i'd give a B-. His time at Stanford is a plus, his reputation with big men is a bg plus. On the negative side his HC record is pretty poor and he has no knowledge of ACC coaches and players. Since HC experience was the #1 requirement for this slot, that is a pretty big negative. Lutz or Bruiser Flint would have been much stronger fills here, but there are some things to like.

    Hardy - This is my fav hire of the staff so far. I'd give it a B+ and am tempted to give it an A-. NU grad, 7 years as an asst at NU, 3 at G'town. Was basically the lead recruiter at both and was Associate HC at NU for 2 years and someone Collins wanted to retain when he was hired. Considered a strong recruiter with ties to Chicago and the Mid-Atlantic. I was hoping for Schrage here were his GT connections an Stanford pedigree, but this is a very good hire for a national recruiter.

    Based on their backgrounds at their previous schools i would expect Reveno to work with bigs, hardy with wings and Labarrie with guards.

    Schwartz was with Pastner at Memphis so no real thoughts on that. Would have liked a local guy but this is fine since it is an organizational role.

    Overall the staff makes sense. On balance the asst hires are better than the HC hire, so there is something to that to.
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  10. D-man44

    D-man44 Helluva Engineer

    I will say I can see the reasoning behind hiring labarrie over white. White is unproven at the college level meanwhile Labarrie has years as a college assistant and knows the ropes. Labarrie is a much safer hire for a coach that is coming off the hot seat at Memphis I believe that factored into Laberrie's hiring
  11. BigDaddyBuzz

    BigDaddyBuzz Helluva Engineer

    White to Ga State
  12. franklinjacket

    franklinjacket Ramblin' Wreck

    I hope we don't ever lose a recruit to them because people will lose their minds around here.
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  13. dtm1997

    dtm1997 Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    HA! I think you're thinking of another board.

    After the way we've been beaten down in hoops over the past few years, there's some more positivity towards the program, but still a ways to go. We haven't had the critical mass on this hoops board to lose our minds prior to now.
  14. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

  15. shakim3

    shakim3 Ramblin' Wreck

    I do think Pastner put an emphasis on getting coaches who either coached/played at high academic institutions:

    Reveno - coached and played at Stanford and graduated all of his kids at Portland
    LaBerrie - coached and played at Tech
    Hardy - coached and played at NU, coached at Georgetown.

    Pastner said he wanted to get GT fits and it looks like he has guys who knows what one looks like.
  16. Techster

    Techster Helluva Engineer

    Something to chew on:

    Auburn needed an assistant, and from the eventual hire, probably one with contacts to the Atlanta recruiting scene. You would have thought White would have been on speed dial. Instead, they hired ex GT assistant Dollar, who from reports, kinda mailed it in here towards the end. White would have been a FAR better hire...at least according to some on this board. In fact, some were calling for CBG to get rid of Dollar for White.

    Back to White. From reports, Pastner has spoken to White twice. Neither time was he offered the job. White has one of the best HS coaching resumes in the nation the last 8 years, and he's a pretty well known quantity on the hoops scene. Great coach, and seemingly well connected with AAU types and players. Yet somehow none of the high majors that recruit Atlanta (think ACC and SEC schools) have ever made the move to hire him. This would have been similar to Grayson legend Micky Conn going to Clemson. Reports are now that White is headed to GA State. To me, that tells me White is valued more by message board fans than college coaches who know what's going on behind the scenes. Doesn't mean White won't be a fantastic hire and coach, just saying when things are being said, just look at all the evidence that points to the contrary.
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  17. shakim3

    shakim3 Ramblin' Wreck

    I had remembered there being some sort of scandal with him back in the day...

    It's a long time ago, but could this have played into any of those decisions?

  18. Techster

    Techster Helluva Engineer

    Can't speak to that myself.

    Just the overall sense that someone with White's resume and supposed "in" with Atlanta area recruits hasn't been a serious P5 candidate for this long tells me maybe fans think more highly of him than college coaches do.
  19. Peacone36

    Peacone36 ACCBasketballReport.com Contributing Writer

    I'll probably beat my drum a bit. But I'm kind of a jerk.
  20. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    That certainly could be relevant. It is a pretty damaging story, and certainly sounds like White did not accept the punishment contritely. So either he was an innocent who got jobbed over or his pride was a stumbling block. I am sure college coaches would want to get to the bottom of that.

    Maybe State is a good place for him to make the jump and Tech could always steal him away later on if they wanted him.
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