Official Postgame: GT 23-Duke 20


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The bye week looks like perfect timing for Key and the team. There are some things that need work and sore bodies that can use the time to heal. But, we could (should?) win three of these next six games and go bowling. Who would have guessed that was a possibility just a few days ago?
It looked grim, Hell, as it looks now, the Jackets have a chance to go to Charlotte.


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I love it!!


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Key is literally doing everything collins wanted to do with this team but couldn't .
Couldn't be more proud for him and what he's done in less than 2 weeks.
Hope the team really soaks this in.
Hope sims is good

Collins has got to be sitting at home (or the beach) thinking to himself, how did I screw this up so bad.

We actually have pretty good talent and it is finally showing on both sides of the ball. Long called a pretty good game and D is playing well. Great win!


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I miss those kinds of conversations I used to get to have with my late son. Cherish them, Awbuzz.
Sorry for your loss ‘bama.

Agree, I hope you get an opportunity to share moments such as these with your kids as GT students someday (preferably, but anywhere is good). My student son was sitting on the front row of the north stands. I moved over to sit with him during OT, win or lose I wanted to do it with him. The missed FG landed very close to us. It was a special moment, sitting in the middle of a raucous mosh pit of students! 😂


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TIAR Baby.

It would be a huge letdown to lose at home to UVA. They are not a good team at all. In fact they are the worse team in the ACC imo.
It's also vital to win that game as 4 of the last 5 are on the road

Getting to 6 wins basically requires beating UVA as the schedule started really difficult and ends really difficult (finishing at UNC, who looks like could be one of the main teams battling for the Coastal title, and UGA - an all but guaranteed loss).

I don't really like our chances against FSU on the road either.

On the other hand the 2 VA teams and Miami do not look good at all. Those are your 3 most likely wins left on the schedule.
(as a matter of fact in the rankings I keep, which is points based, those are the bottom 3 teams in the ACC)

Our D is playing really well the last 2 games.
The offense has been inconsistent at best. Duke is one of the worst defensive teams we will play this year and we still only got to 20 pts in regulation. Our inability to score in the red zone is going to cost us a game at some point.
Moving Stewart to kick FG's has been a boon, and arguably the biggest reason we are 2-0 the last 2 games. 6 FG in 2 games. That is the difference between 2-0 and 0-2. The defensive performance is the second biggest reason. Punting is still a huge issue. No blocked punts but the 4 punts Duke returned went for 19, 18, 81 and 40. That is atrocious.

We are relying almost exclusively on Sims on offense right now. He was responsible for 322 out of 412 yards of offense. Even with 412 yds of offense GT was only 5-15 on third downs.


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I'm really hoping Sims is ok. Really like seeing him utilize his legs in this offense. Really opens up some passing lanes.
Me too. As the rest of you know, I've been pleading, begging, literally on my knees for Long to run Sims more. I'm not going to do the analysis, but I'm willing to bet good money that there is a strong positive relationship between the number for run yards Sims has and the time he has to pass. It was only when we stopped running him that Puke got to him.

And, yes, Smith needs to see the field more. Hall is fast, but with our OL we need someone who can make his own holes.
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I'll put the stats up. I'll also be clear--GT should have won this game 27-6. Good offensive play calling would have helped a lot in the last six minutes of regulation. Getting a first down at the Duke ~40 on 2nd and 1 would have helped salt this game away even earlier.

This is the first time these stats have looked like this, and the last 6 minutes of regulation wiped away a well-earned beatdown.


The stats say we should have won. If Duke came back, it would have been a stolen game (you can probably guess when overtime happened in the chart)

WTH Special Teams???

Yep, it's the punt unit:


What was the biggest play in the game? See if you can find it: