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Not sure it was ever posted on this board, so I’ll say that both Murray and Willingham signed for their “slot values” at $125k according to Baseball America.

Murray is now 6-26 in 6 games played with 3RBI and 5 strikeouts

English is 4-22 in 6 games with 2RBI, and despite the low average, has only struck out twice.

Since being moved out of rookie ball, McCann is 7-36 in 11 games with 1 homer and 2 RBI, and with 15 strikeouts.

Willingham is now 0-1 with 4IP in 3 games with 2 runs allowed on 3 hits, 0 walks, and 3 strikeouts.

Thomas is 2-0 with 9.2IP in 3 games, allowing 5 runs on 12 hits with 13 strikeouts and 0 walks.


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Willingham got his 1st pro win last night. 3.1 innings of 1 hit ball out of pen. 2.79 era in around 10 innings of work. Does have 2 losses, but not bad numbers. Wish he would have stayed, but completely understand his decision.

He made the right move to transfer and play a year in the ACC. It got him noticed. I hope he does well, he has his chance.

I doubt he'll go to the MLB without a big jump in performance, but that is true of all players who aren't drafted in the top few rounds. So many minor league players and so few MLB roster spots.

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Dusty Isaacs released from AAA Buffalo. I loved watched him pitch at the Rusty C. Has had some arm trouble. Someone will definitely pick him up.