Fan Day


I'll be there with the kids but won't be early. Got work before so probly won't make it in till 5ish. Hope all have gd time. Go Jackets! THWG


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I might see y'all there! If you see a 6'2" heavy set, gray-haired guy walking around with a GT cheerleader, that will be me. Thank goodness she looks like her mother.

I'll have a GT shirt on so you can't miss me. Older 160# white guy.

{BTW, it'll be a GT cycling team shirt}

My daughter should be there - getting her PhD. If y'all could help with a prank, I'd appreciate it. Just ask her if she is going to give CPJ cookies before the VT game. ---- here's the story behind it. Her former boyfriend was on the football team so she would make him treats for after practice and sit on the Alpha Xi Omega lawn waiting for him to come by. CPJ see's this and starts teasing her about needing to make cookies for the staff too. (She is only a bit older than CPJ's daughter.) So she starts making treats for CPJ and he has some and gives them to some of the other coaches. She does this before games in 2008 and 2009, we start doing better and of course I credit the treats. One of the last times she provided treats was before the 2009 VT game (which is the last time we have won). So we have a banter going back and forth about her being at fault for losing to VT all these years. All she has to do is provide treats....... she counters that she's afraid to. Either it works and she will have to provide them forever or it doesn't work, we lose again and the myth is shattered.


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It's here! At least the weather doesn't look as bad as it was during the spring game. Our luck is starting to turn!


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I've seen Bobinski and Peterson at pre game tailgates. Nothing more I'll share on-line ...... other than Peterson was rooting for UGAg over USCe the day they played since UGAg was an "in state" school.

I miss Clough. A lot. And Dean Dull and ........ true GT people.
Oh man, this. Nothing against Peterson but I thought Clough very nearly walked on water.

I can't go, so very best wishes to all for a good time!


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Can't make it either. Was gonna try and take my girls (ages 5 and 7) and possibly get them started on a new GT tradition but can't work it out. Last year was the first year in 5 that I didn't get season tickets but hopefully when I take my girls to a game this year they'll have a blast and I'll have another excuse to get em again. Hopefully get to meet some of you smart fellows along the way.


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Me and the boy ;)