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Duke rush defense

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by year_of_the_swarm, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. year_of_the_swarm

    year_of_the_swarm Helluva Engineer

    #34 nationally in rush defense
    122 yards per game
    3.3 yards per carry

    Army had 41 rushes for 168 yards. They passed it 21 times which is unusual for Monken. They have all-conference players at linebacker and in the secondary. Maybe 2-3 guys who will play on Sundays. They got an extra week to prepare and played Army already this year. Lots of advantages for Duke.

    Georgia Tech has the #1 rush offense in the nation, at 373 yards per game.

    Something has to give...
  2. melloace

    melloace Helluva Engineer

    Army shot itself in the foot a lot in that game They fumbled on 2 of their 4 possessions in the first half and missed a 33 yard field goal. We just need to play our game and not press. Last year we scored on 3 of 4 first half drives and would've been going into the half up 7 but we gave up a touchdown in 1:37 and then duke came out of the half and scored and suddenly the offense went from putting themselves up 7 to down 7. The good news for us is Jones shouldn't be as mobile as last year with the plate in his shoulder. Dude ran 16 carries for 91 yards and a TD.
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  3. 1979jacket

    1979jacket Helluva Engineer

    I did not see last year's game. One of the few I've missed over the years. Had it taped but decided not to watch given the outcome. However, I have watched Duke play us for several years before last year. My observations are they will stunt a lot, send a lot of people and particularly more than anyone else (even Clemson) - crash between the center and guard with a linebacker or safety. Although JT did put us on his back in 16, Duke was inviting him to run. The run on a passing play from the end zone was so wide open it was unreal. I expect to see TM drop back, look one way then haul *** around the corner the other way. The key for us will be catching them some in their blitzes for big plays Hope CPJ has a great game and is aggressive.
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  4. Scubapro

    Scubapro Helluva Engineer

    Duke will stack the box and make us beat them with the passing game. That and they will use multiple stunts to try and disrupt the mesh or pitch relationship. They only have to stop us a few times to win
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  5. MidtownJacket

    MidtownJacket Helluva Engineer

    If they stack the box, look for some quick pitches to the edge or speed option with the BBacks. We block on the perimeter and have the ABacks sealing the edge like they have the last two weeks and you'll see lanes to the endzone with that approach.
  6. GTJake

    GTJake Helluva Engineer


    Oklahoma fired DC Mike Stoops ... Did you guys see that Army Coach Monken was quoted as saying Duke's defense was better than Oklahoma's, after playing both he said "not even close" ...
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  7. Whiskey_Clear

    Whiskey_Clear Banned

    Duke is gonna be a tough game again this year. Will make winning all the sweeter.
  8. Techster

    Techster Helluva Engineer

    Granted we don't know the depths of Louisville's suck, but the way we executed last Friday was as clean and crisp as I've seen us in a long time. Definitely the best we've looked against a P5 team with TQM under center. Louisville has some talent on defense, and Van Gorder has seen our offense many times over his career. The output we had can't be dismissed...especially since the game was on the road.

    Duke will be an interesting challenge. I know most of us don't like Coach Cut, but the guy can coach, and he's bringing in some elite level talent. Will be a good test for a team that seems to be rounding the corner. Hopefully it's not just because BG and UL are terrible, but because our team is just getting better.
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  9. GT_05

    GT_05 Helluva Engineer

    I’ve seen on this board that our offense takes a few weeks to start executing properly and I’m sure Army’s O is the same way. Duke also had a lot of time to prepare for the Army O since they played in Week 1. By playing Duke in Week 1, I believe Army lost a lot of advantages their offensive scheme gives them.

    Last year, Duke had a bye week, then they played Army, and then they played us in back-to-back-to-back weeks. Their schedule is nearly as good for them this year, as it relates to playing us. Is this happening randomly?

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  10. Ash

    Ash Helluva Engineer

    If we are forced to throw by Duke's run D in order tow keep drives going, I hope we have something else to show than what we have done so far this year.
  11. Jerry the Jacket

    Jerry the Jacket Helluva Engineer

    Duke is all about blowing up the play behind the line of scrimmage. They will fire their safeties and corners on a majority of plays just to try and disrupt the option pitch to the A backs. If you remember they had a safety that single handedly beat us up there 2 years ago. They have big strong defensive linemen and fast strong linebackers. Their defense is actually much more talented than their offense. We will need to play a clean game and catch them in their blitzes to have a chance of winning. They continually move their personnel pre-snap to disguise their fronts and blitz packages. TM will not be able to change plays at the line of scrimmage like he did at Louisville.

    If our O line and A Backs will punish the blitzers with tough blocks and we catch them with a couple of 3 deep passes due to their blitzing we have a good chance of beating them. This will be a tough game. We can win but we have to block and execute at a high level. TaQuon has to have a great game.

    Go Jackets!
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  12. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    I like Cutcliffe, why shouldn’t I, he’s built his program into a competitor, that said Paul Johnson has taken his team to higher heights than him in the ACC.

    Duke will do what they’ve done to GT in the past, and make Paul prove he can throw it. They are not a dynamic offense but they are balanced so the defense will have to show they can stop Brittain. If Woody can force Duke into obvious passing plays GT wins and visa versa.
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  13. iceeater1969

    iceeater1969 Helluva Engineer

    Why would sewak keep Will Bryan (25 game starter) , and Lee on the bench and go with one game wonders?

    We have heard that we have 8 quality ol and will play our best 5
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  14. takethepoints

    takethepoints Helluva Engineer

    Personally, I doubt that Puke is as good on D as this thread suspects. Like I said elsewhere, I watched their game with VT and they were beaten like small, naughty children. I don't think our D is up to VT standards (yet), but Duke isn't an offensive powerhouse and, imho, we don't need to be anything but typical to win. The key will be to keep down the mistakes. If we do that then we have a good chance to win: it's a home game, we're playing well, and we've cut down dramatically on foul-ups.

    One side note: people may have noticed that we are taking a long time to get plays off these days. I'm guessing that the idea is to force shifts before we run the play. Problem for the opposing Ds = if you hold off on shifts until right before what you think will be the play, you run the risk of being caught during shifting. My guess is that we'll be perfectly willing to wait Puke out and run on a quick count. It'll be a chess match.
  15. takethepoints

    takethepoints Helluva Engineer

    On Will, my guess is that they want to slow walk him back, now that Hansen has showed so well. No need to risk further injury. With Lee, it looks like, for the time being, we are running a two-headed monster at center. I think that Lee will be back at OT by the end of the season, but that will depend on how well Quinney is playing. He drove me to despair in his first few starts, but he's really improved recently. Next year, Lee goes back to OT for good, imho.
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  16. cuttysark

    cuttysark Helluva Engineer

    Duke has played us tough. However, at the moment we have the best GCG combo in the CPJ era. Tough as nails and BIG. Along with "Two" hard running B-Backs and a QB executing this offense as well as Tevin did back in the day. I'm looking forward to Saturday!
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  17. MidtownJacket

    MidtownJacket Helluva Engineer

    The C-G-C situation we have right now makes me hopeful that we can pull off some magic this weekend!
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  18. iceeater1969

    iceeater1969 Helluva Engineer

    Will is 100%.
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  19. UgaBlows

    UgaBlows Helluva Engineer

    Doesn’t duke have a different Def coord now than in the past few years? I kinda look for CPJ to try to burn them early on some big pass plays to soften them up on firing the db’s at us. B-back wheel route first play of the game would be awesome.

    IF we beat duke in decisive fashion then i am chugging the coolaide on the rest of the season, imo duke is roughly equal to UM and VT and better than uva and unc, it could set the pins up for a nice roll.
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  20. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    This game will tell us about our OL Puke will blitz often we have to pick it up. I'm more worried about their short passing game.
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