A Bruce Feldman tweet on CPJ


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Eric, honest question then. If what you are saying is true, then this guy flat out lied and made up this story. Other than just trying to garner attention and get hits, what would be the reason?

Coming from CBS, I would think that he would have a tad bit more integrity.

I am sure he didnt just make it up....he was probably told this by someone but it wasnt a good source.


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Feldman should be held accountable for this... He is backtracking hard on his twitter account and getting hammered for it. He won't even own the story calling it a "CBS" story...

What complete garbage. This guy completely throws a coach under the bus, gets exposed and now simply hides behind social media. How does this guy still have a job?

Therein lies a big problem with this mode of "journalism". Can't squeeze the proverbial toothpaste back into the tube. I've always liked Feldman but this is just bad.

By the way, I like this response to his correction or retraction. Whatever it's called:

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I certainly am not in the stream of inside information. All of my assessments are strictly from years of watching this type stuff over and over again, plus the things I hear from fans and boards. However, history keeps repeating itself. My guess is that some of this information is correct and some is incorrect. You can be sure if a bit of information leaked out and is detrimental to the situation, the author of the information will have to deny it or downplay it, until a solution is reached. Maybe PJ said some of this stuff and maybe he didn't but, it is easy to see a coach, being bombarded by the fans, wanting to get out and get it over with. In discussions about a situation such as this the feelings of the coach and the feelings of the Boosters often sway back and forth, until a solution is reached.

Take a situation where the fans want the coach to go; he tells the boosters, "Just pay me off, and I will go". The boosters then state they do not want to do this, but would like to evaluate at the end of next year. The coach then would not get his guaranteed pay if he quit, so he decides to work out the next year and improve the team. Of course, he would then deny he wanted to be paid off, because it would not go well with recruits or fans. It becomes a matter of damage control. So, maybe there is some truth to the statements, and maybe not. You can bet your bottom dollar that the boosters, AD, and coach are all discussing the issue and are trying to resolve it to the benefit of all. I would guess there will be an official statement in the near future issued by the AD regarding this whole situation. If all decides he will stay for next year, then they will all agree to a statement that the boosters, AD, and the coach are in agreement that the team is the most important item and they all agree for the coach to stay and try to correct all the problems.


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Speaking of tweeting:

Shaq Mason ‏@ShaqDiesel_70 45m
Time to make some changes!

Seems we have someone else who is excited about all the rumors.

Maybe he's talking about making his room more feng shui.

Maybe he's talking about finding a new girl to hang out with.

Maybe he's talking about giving up bread.

Maybe he's talking about using pens instead of pencils in class.

Maybe he's talking about unfollowing Vad Lee on Twitter.

Maybe he's just young and could mean a multitude of things with cryptic tweets...welcome to social media!


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I had heard earlier this year that there was dissension in the locker room over who should be playing QB - namely, that some players though Thomas should be getting the ball. Maybe that's what he's referring to?

Shaq and Vad are tight.


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